Thursday, March 11, 2010

Babies, Doobies and (of course) Nancy Kerrigan

I just ran 12 miles in cold pouring rain on a THURSDAY. I don't know why but doing it on Thursday makes it feel even more nonsensical. My fingers a numb and swollen and making it hard to type. I am so glad this run is done. I've gotten in the habit of skipping at least one important run per week and so far I've done all right.

Well, ok. Yesterday I had a 10 mile VO2 Max run that I was promising myself I'd skip. But I made a plea bargain w/myself and did the 5 x 1000 repeats on the track and ran home. So I only ran 5.6 miles but i still did the speedwork. It all worked out very well and both parties were pleased.

I do have an injury that's been nagging me and going up and down on the pain scale. I have a shin split in my inner left ankle that smarts like the dickens. (That is a term that my Wisconsin grandma would have used.) Last night for about 5 minutes it felt like someone was taking a baseball bat to it. It was ridiculous. Then immediately it went back to a level 2 pain. I don't get it. Anyway, I'm trying to ice it at least once/day and just ignore it. Isn't that how we're supposed to deal w/injuries?

Tomorrow is d-day and I really need to smoke a doobie to calm myself down. Too bad I don't smoke doobies. I guess I'll opt for a glass of wine.

Is it just me or is everyone getting pregnant right now? I am so happy for everyone but I think I'm still in denial about growing up. When will this end?

PS - my run tonight was at a decent pace. I don't know the total average but I'd guess 8:20? I felt strong and good despite the cold and damp.

That's it for now. Biyee.


KK said...

Ha, "Biyee." Love it.

What about Nancy Kerrigan?

Nice job getting it done. Especially in the crap-ass weather. Those are long runs for the middle of the week and bad weather only makes them more hatable. Sorry to hear about your injury-I hope you can manage it through race day.

jen said...

Missed you on my own lonely 12 miler. I ran like a minute per mile slower though so probably a good thing for you!

We have celebrating to do my lady.

Alisa said...

D-day as in decision day? B/c I thought the actual d-day was in June? I'm confused.

Good job on the 12'er maybe someday I'll be able to blog about how I just ran 12 miles on a Thursday---for now, not so much.

Take care of that shin!

Anonymous said...

Haha the smoke a doobie part made me laugh out loud for real!

Marathon Maritza said...

My only suggestion is you only pick one or the other between smoking a doobie and having a baby. :)

D-day! DEETS!