Sunday, March 07, 2010

6 weeks left?

Wow - time has been ticking on by with barely a moment to stop and take inventory here. Actually, posting here has been one of the many To Dos HOMH (hanging over my head). Just a few moments ago I took an inventory on all of the things hanging over my head and RIFBAM (reasons I feel bad about myself) and it wasn't pretty. I won't share it with you!

I have had some good runs lately but did miss a big one last week - my tempo run...what was I thinking?? So I feel bad about that but only marginally compared to other stuff in my life. My 18 miles today went well and I finished in 2:37, which is an 8:43 pace. I've been doing a lot of yoga lately too which is great, but I feel a little bit like its kicking my ass and slightly hindering my running. And then the running is hindering the yoga. My legs shake in some of the poses because they're so damn tired. My body won't twist like it should because everything is so tight. My masseuse that I used in prior marathon training was injured in a car wreck (sorry Kurt!) and I haven't had the chance to find someone new. I need to get worked out! I might do a spa massage this Friday if I'm feeling fancy.

But anyway, I'm definitely taking it a lot slower this training cycle. Just trying to focus on having fun and not being too serious. And to not stress out about not being as fast. And also being fatter. See? What is wrong with me? No stress....who cares about a few #s. Perspective FGS. So, anyway, I want to have fun during the marathon and as Jen says, just run my victory lap. I'm not going to requalify and who knows if I'll even get close to a 3:40. I do take the training somewhat seriously - how can you not in order to commit to so many miles/week?

There are some things that I've been quiet about recently that I hope to be able to open up about soon. (Sorry, not pregos.) I've been trying to meditate and make decisions on big things and it all may be coming to fruition soon. Stay posted! I think I'm getting my shit in order and that feels good, but it is a bit of a struggle to get there and I'm hoping that ends soon.

Now: the weather. Cause who doesn't like news about the weather? It has been pretty nice here lately and everything is popping out of the ground. We have a glorious cherry tree in front of our house that is blossomed PINK all over right now. It smells great and is pretty amazing. I've been working out my plan for my vegetable garden, even taking some classes to edumacate myself. The downside to buying a house with intensive landscaping is the work. Josh and I spent at least 5 man hours cleaning out and weeding a small section of it on Saturday and it honestly feels like we got no where. We did generate a tightly packed "yard waste" container provided by the city. Like, the huge ones. So we must have made somewhat of a dent? The best discovery were the several petite dog turds that lay exactly in the center of some of our decorative grasses. You know the kind that fluff out from the middle. The little bastard seems to have taken a liking to the comfort of those grasses and his point has been made. It is kind of funny but also really GD annoying!

I'm just babbling now and not even going to re-read for edits. Sorry folks! Time is of the essence. Have a great week....



Rachel said...

you are going to rock Boston! have fun and enjoy every miute of're rocking my dream :o)

kristen said...

Hey girl. DW (don't worry). IKHYF (I know how you feel). :)

I have a huge to do list that I just stare at and say, "I should get some of this done" but then don't.

You need to quit worrying about boston and your running skills so much. Your an amazing runner and your going to show up prepared whether you think you are or not. I totally agree with Jen - just take your victory lap. Enjoy the course and the people and everything that goes along with running Boston.

Give yourself a break girl!

(p.s. I totally feel you on the yard work. Hours and hours and not even a dent. Ugh.)

jen said...

PTD (petite dog turds)!

You are very fast and super fit/skinny and a yoga master! And you're doing boston! And you have a beautiful house and garden and life. Count your blessings mister sister.

Alisa said...

You're going to do fine in Boston. I love what Jen said about it being your victory lap. Who goes to Boston to re-qualify for Boston anyway?!?! Crazy motha f'ers.

I'm hoping your big news is that you're going to yoga training school b/c I could really use a yoga teacher =). Actually, I hope whatever it is, makes you happy!

Marathon Maritza said...

I agree, just enjoy Boston, soak it all in and your time is your time. You worked so hard to get there so just enjoy every single second!

Susan said...

Victory lap! I like it. :)

KK said...

You will be fine in Boston, trust me. I ran only 25 mpw with very little speedwork and this coming off of 6 weeks of no running prior to that. I didn't requalify, but did better than I thought I would. And drank beer at Fenway the day before. And loved it. And you will too.

I want to have a garden too. But after reading about how much work it takes I think I'll put it off for another year :).

Petraruns said...

LOVE the victory lap idea - will adopt that myself.

Also have all your lists and CHOMH (crap hanging over my head) and know exactly how it feels.

By the way it sounds like YGIAFO (you've got it all figured out). Please share with those of us SHAS (still hopelessly at sea).

Can't wait to see you in Boston and have some beers. Might even let you borrow my jumper...