Monday, February 22, 2010

8 Weeks Left

8 weeks til Boston? Yikes. For some reason I feel way more unprepared than I was 8 weeks before my last marathon.

Sunday I ran 15 miles and it was uuuuh-okay. Not great. Weather was gorgeous and I ran from home down to Lake Vancouver and Frenchman's Bar. I got to watch the OBRA time trials that were going on beside me and that was interesting. I listened to my ipod the whole time. My legs started feeling sucky around mile 10/11 but somehow I managed through the end. I thought they'd get worse, but then kind of just stayed the same, maybe even loosened up a bit. I had issues with my feet getting numb and think its the new shoes. I wonder if I ordered the wrong size or what. No matter how much I loosened up the laces they still felt numb and tight.

I don't feel as strong as I did 8 weeks before Portland but my same 15 miler then was at a 8:31 pace and today's run was 8:29 pace. So I guess not bad?

Below are some fun pics from my Chicago/Boston jaunt a few weeks ago:

This is what I do afterhours in Chitown:

Can you tell I was having a blast?
This is in Boston, pre-heartbreak hill run with my brother in law. Don't we look tough? Notice I'm wearing 2 pairs of tights - one full length and 3/4 then over that. It was COLD out.


jen said...

You ran faster than last time! Even if you didn't feel great that says a lot. You'll be fine. And by fine I mean amazing! I miss you!

NY Wolve said...

Nice Hair LOL! Never tried the double tights, hope it worked and warded off the Boston chill with which I am only too familiar.

Marathon Maritza said...

I agree, you'll be fine, especially with those paces!

And remember, last time you were PUSHING everything to try to BQ and maybe you just feel different because there's less pressure? Either way, you are still kicked ass yo.

Those wigs are ridic.

Alisa said...

um, even if you don't feel prepared you realize that 8:29 is faster than 8:31 right?!?! Hehe!

You're going to rock Boston.

Hope everything else is going okay...we really do need to do that dinner sometime.

KK said...

Smokin fast-you'll do great.

Amy said...

OMG, I love the double tights (I don't think I would have noticed that). Great pics.

You will crush Boston. I have no doubt.