Thursday, February 18, 2010

11 mile fun run

11 miles on a Thursday!

Another awesome weather day...I can't stand it. But don't be too envious, I'm sure it will return to nasty gray very soon. I left around 3:45 and had a nice run. I still haven't found my pace yet in general so I think the miles were sporadic. I made a point to take on the hills, which I'm going to try to do more in anticipation of Boston's hills. My miles:

8:47, 22, 13, 13, 45, 27, 18, 07, 23, 9:18, 7:54 = 8:26 avg

Yep, all over the place. Whatever.

I'm obsessed w/48 hours on WE, RHWOOC and can't wait until RHWONYC. I went to my first gardening class tonight and it was so-so. I am super fired up about setting up some raised beds for vegetables.

I am so fucking excited that tomorrow is Friday. Beer thirty! Wine O'Clock! Bottom's up! Rock out with your cock out!


jen said...

Hey I was out running 10 miles at almost the same time! Let's friggin run together, you snob!

Are we hanging out tonight? You're breakin my heart! Let's hang out on my roof in the sunshine this afternoon.

Marathon Maritza said...

the right answer is always, 'alcohol.'

Have a great weekend! I miss you, butthead.

Anonymous said...

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