Tuesday, February 16, 2010

8 mile Tempo Run

I did my 8 mile tempo run today in gorgeous weather. Despite my lingering soreness I was fired up to get outside and away from my computer. There was SUN! And it was warm! And there are crocuses coming up in my yard!

(Side note: we first saw our current house in about May/June last year, so have no idea what kind of crap is growing right now - I can tell there are daffodils, irises, hyacinths and some other stuff that I can't ID. It is so awesome.)

My stomach was still somewhat full from lunch (ate at noon, went running at 3:00) but I kind of settled into it. After the first two miles (8:27, 8:35) I went into my 4 tempo miles. I guess I was aiming for 7:45's, or my half marathon pace. Whatever I ended up putting out was hard and hurt. I just pushed through, hoping to find a comfortable clip and found it for about 2.5 miles...that's when I decided to give myself a break. I rarely cheat on runs, esp. tempos, so I feel quite bad about this. However, I was ready to finish the 1.5 miles after my minute or so rest! I ended up doing my tempo miles at 7:24, 7:34, 7:36, 7:59. You can see I pushed it too fast and was definitely slowing down for the last mile, even after my little break. The last two miles were ho-hum and I stopped at my husband's office with about a mile left. 8:46, 8:39 were the last two miles.

Total = 8.16 mi/8:09 pace

I am feeling so-so about this run. It wasn't great but it also wasn't terrible. I have plenty more of these ahead of me so I'm going to put this one behind me and move on to the next.

So now...some pictures for you.

This is my celebratory pickle martini post-haircut. My husband made this for me - doesn't it look psychadellic? If you like dirty martinis or dirty gibsons, or pickles or just vodka you should try this. The next night I actually had a beet infused vodka martini at a bar. Yum! I think I might try to do some of my own home-infusing of vodka: pineapple, beets, capers, mint...what else?

This is my holding my sweet new niece out in Boston. This was my last day there and she really got cute sweet and cuddly with me right before I had to go. I was in heaven holding her!

Me pre-hair cut:


the gazelle said...

I suggest lavender rosemary infused vodka. I think I'm going to try to make some of that as soon as my rosemary recovers!


kristen said...

Yay for spring bulbs. LOVE.

YOur neice is adorable and you look like a natural :)

Pickle martini actually sounds good, but I never would have thought of that. What is that thing in the cake pan next to your drink? It looks like your preserving a big ass snowball...

Anonymous said...

I am jealous that you have ground without snow!

Amy said...

Love the haircut, love the picture of your niece (what a little peanut) and I think I'd drink that martini. :)

Anonymous said...

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