Monday, February 15, 2010

Back at it

I am back at it again and it feels good.

Very short summary:

  • Jan 17th - concluded Week 3 of marathon training; got sick
    Jan 18th-24th - felt like complete ass, no way I could run
  • Jan 25th-29th - started feeling better but was too busy with work (and still tired) to do anything.
  • Jan 30th-Feb 8th - TRAVEL. Work/pleasure to Chicago, Madison and Boston. Managed to get in a measly run in Chicago and two in Boston.
  • Feb 9th - Marathon training begins again...

I had kind of freaked out about missing so much of my training but then remembered I still had 10 weeks left until Boston. I trained for Portland in 10 weeks, so why not just follow that plan? So that is what I am doing and so far so good. I'll recap in more details later, but my "first" long run of 13 miles went fine, although I was very sore afterward. We had done an uphill hike (first one in months) the day before which definitely contributed to the soreness. Poor me, I treated myself to a post-run massage! It was great and now Monday is over with and I'm looking forward to a productive week.

Work news...why not? It seems like I've been talking about this a lot and only just now did it hit me that someone that I work with could possibly read this? I guess they could but I really don't let anyone know that I write here, so how would they find me? I guess I'll be a little shy about what I am thinking - basically, I'm making progress toward finding a resolution to my woes. It is exciting me and I love being excited. More later.

I am also excited about all of the other things that 2010 will bring. We have so many travel ideas and plans in place already that I can't stand it. This summer expecially will be filled with a lot of hiking, local travel and hopefully backcountry camping. I love nature!

Oh yeah, I also cut about 12" off of my hair. It is short, really short. But it has made running a lot easier so I'm happy.

Hope you had a great Prezzos Day,



Petraruns said...

Great plan (it worked for you before so go for it), great hair (you look funkier with it) and great news on the work (though not that there are spies at work..). It's dark here (615am) and I'm just about to set off on my 8 miler - it's good to know someone else out there is training too..

jen said...

Your hair looks amazing!! I love it.

I'm 100% sure you will have a fantastic race in Boston with a 10 week plan.

Can't wait to hear about job and travel plans. I miss you!!

Alisa said...

Look at your cute new DO!!!!!

You can totally train in 10 weeks-look what 10 weeks did for you in Ptown.