Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let’s Try This Again


Not working.  I put it out there and it didn't work. 

Which is 100% my fault.

Here's what happened.  It got late and I got frustrated and tired and couldn't make myself do it.  Sometimes I look back at when I was really consistent with training and romanticize that it was easy and I had no issues with getting it all in.  So I imagine it should be that way now too.  But it wasn't and it isn't now.  It is HARD to make yourself training a lot.  Heck, it is hard to make yourself train a little.  It takes a lot of mental attention and stamina and accountability. 

So I need to try harder and that's what it comes down to.


Alisa said...

I'll come run with you if your promise you won't kill me in the process =).

It is hard to be consistent with training, I think we all struggle with that in our own ways.

onelittletrigirl said...

I agree with Alisa...everyone struggles in their own ways. Some days are easy, some are tough and some are just eh. But in the end, it evens out. :)

Rachel said...

I don't have any helpful advice...I'm just right there with you. Tonight instead of my planned 9 miles I had 3 mojitos instead. Fail. I just keep telling myself tomorrow is another day. Good luck!

Petraruns said...

Agree with all of the above. It's really hard to be consistent - it's sometimes feels like you have to struggle every day. What sometimes kicks me out of a funk is going to run somewhere new, listening to something new, or just changing something. Anything. Alternatively - know that your funk will pass. And that any run - even a shortie - will be better than no run.

KK said...

It is hard-it becomes easier only when you find a doable routine and stick to it-then it starts to flow. Unless of course tons of social engagemnets pop up. Then it's hard again. Here was my theory about Boston: fuck the performance part of the race. I worked super hard to just get there so I might as well enjoy the weekend and enjoy the race itselfand not make myself crazy about time and speed. Takes a LOT of pressure off the training.

Anonymous said...

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