Monday, January 04, 2010

Things I want to write about:

1. 2009 recap
2. 2010 intentions/goals/motto
3. Marathon training (just started again!)
4. Specific run/workout recaps
5. Goals for the week
6. My career
7. Pictures
8. Travel

But I can't because I'm lazy and just not feeling it. Someday and somehow I will get this out there to the universe.



Petraruns said...

You crack me up. I know. By Jan 4 it's all too much. I sometimes ring my BFF and just tell her I bore myself.

Keep it running bud - you're out there and training. The rest will follow.

Alisa said...

Well, when you do get around to it I'll be reading =).

We should have a dinner and wine night again that was fun!

Kirstin said...

Hi Emily, Your fans out in the blogosphere will also be here ready and waiting to read! Good luck with your training! Your friend in Florida!

Amy said...

Seriously, if someone could just write all my thoughts for me, it'd be appreciated. Well, not all of them.....

Anonymous said...


KK said...

Intersting comment above me. wonder what it says...

Stopped by to see how the Boston training was coming along and all I got was this cryptic list. Thanks.

Kidding, it sucks when you have no motivation to write. Hope you get your kick back soon.

Anonymous said...

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