Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Putting it Out There

This is really exciting for me to post twice in one week so I'm going to go ahead and do it.
I am having problems getting back into the groove of running. After having last week off I am finding it tough. Plus, I still feel a little sick. Plus, I haven't been sleeping well. Plus, I am really busy at work. Plus, I just ate a box of Triscuits for dinner. I know I know, I suck.

Today was supposed to be my revival but all of the above factors stopped me short and here I am at 8:00 p.m. getting ready to go to bed. With no miles under my belt. So I'm going to try to give myself some slack and give it til tomorrow to get started. I can still complete my good workouts in the remaining days of the week. So....here is my plan:

M = bikram (done)
T = nada
W = 9 mile tempo
Th = 5 easy
F = 10 miles
Sa = 4 easy
Su = 17 miles

(Did I just type 17 miles. Shite. What have I gotten myself into??)

I was thinking today about the marathon and for the first time I was like, I can't believe I ran that fast. Cause I can't! Right now that is so far away and my body is no where near that right now. I guess it gives me a little hope to know I have potential but it is still kind of depressing.

I mentioned above that work is really busy right now. I hate to sound like a broken record but I am trying to make it work out for me. I think my job is pretty interesting but there are a lot of politics and some of the people I have to deal with just totally suck. Over the past few months the workload has picked up considerably and there are a lot of things happening at the same time. A lot of stuff to keep up with. I'd rather focus on this than have to deal with shitheads with low IQs. I've gone through a couple of hard bouts but have been managing to bounce back. I guess I'll keep up with this cycle until it gets the best of me. I'm researching some other ideas that I will share with you today
  • SAHM (need kids 1st)
  • elementary school teacher
  • letterpress craftswoman
  • antiques dealer
  • yoga instructor

This is not all inclusive, so let me know if you have any ideas! As for the teacher part, it is something that just hit me recently. I haven't had a lot of time to really digest it or talk w/my teacher friends about it though, so let me know your experiences on teaching if you have them.

My hair has been on my mind a lot lately, perhaps because of its proximity to my cerebellum but more likely that I think it is trying to asphyxiate me in my sleep. It is really long. It is become a pain to comb through when wet and really a pain when I run and there is any precipitation. I am going to do locks of love which basically means a big chop which I think will be pretty liberating. Strangely though I had a revival of love with my locks last weekend and think I'll keep them around for a while. It is kind of fun to have something extra to toss around and drape all over my torso. Of course my desired cut is like Heidi's but will be a tough blow when I come out still looking like me.


(Some recent pics above post-run and the gnarly knot resulting from the hair + moisture. Can someone who uses blogger please tell me why when I post pictures, they always are placed at the top of the post and are really hard to drag and drop into the desired location? I can't copy/paste anything either, including the pics. And, when I upload a pic it takes anything I've already typed and makes the spacing different, like 10 line breaks inbetween each paragraph. It really chaps my ass and if you have any advice or solution I'd be forever grateful [and so would my ass]. I'm running on IE 8 if that makes a dif.)


Susan said...

At any given time I can name at least seven professions that sound like a good idea. DON'T BECOME A NURSE.

J said...

yeah blogger always does that to me too and always puts the pictures at the top. I really don't know why though.

I hate those ponytail knots! They are the worst. And the longer your hair the worse they seem to get!

onelittletrigirl said...

I just made a list the other day of careers I would like to change too!!! I think it is great to always be on one's toes!

My advice: If you don't like politics, stay out of the school systems. Yes, kids need us, but it is a heck of a lot of grief!!!

Alisa said...

I too have been making lists of other potential careers. It's not that I'm ungrateful for my job or that I really hate it but I'm just not sure it's for me.

I was starting to get horrible ponytail knots too. I got my hair cut, it's still pretty long, but I've been rocking the pony-bun look.

Your running will bounce back I know it. If you want company, I think we're running Marine Drive this weekend, you'll be getting an email from me soon. Justin will probably want to go more than what I'm doing (which I think will be 9 or 10) so you'd even have a running buddy if you wanted one. Just a thought.

aron said...

download windows live writer - it will change your life i promise :)

best thing i ever did for running was chop off my hair! haha... still have a pony but i dont get the mangled mess i used to. i always had to have it in a bun before.

Petraruns said...

Can't give you any hair advice - mine is short and crappy.

Re. careers - you've had my thoughts on this but just keep going with throwing things out there... Something will stick. And you can always borrow one of my two if you want to try being a SAHM.

As for blogger - do you know any HTML at all? If so - go into the Edit HTML tab (the other one in your main Compose view) and you will see all images are a block of code at the top of the text. Each image is within an a onblur and /a tag. I can't put the brackets around this in this comment because blogger thinks I'm trying to put HTML in there but tags begin with < and end with >.

Highlight the whole thing from the a onblur bit to the /a bit (including the brackets around each), copy it, delete it and then paste it where you want it in the text (still in Edit HTML view). Don't be afraid - it's not hard. Just make sure you highlight the whole bit - you need the opening and closing tab for it to work.