Monday, December 06, 2010

Running Fail

I moved my 7 miler from yesterday to today since I had a full day yesterday and wanted to be home.  We got our xmas tree on Saturday night and I really wanted to decorate it before leaving for FL.

Well, I had a small window to make the run happen this morning and it didn’t.  I was up for about 3 hours last night in the middle of the night for no reason and still had to pack this morning to leave by 10 a.m.  So that’s what happened.  I’m trying to be accountable here!

Most of my day today will be spent at airports and in the sky.  I am looking forward to seeing my family this week, including and especially my adorable nieces – Amelia Violet and Eleanor Violet (Millie and Nellie)!  It has been months since I’ve seen them so I know they’ll be different.  I wish I could see them every day.

image Amelia with me on our last visit in Michigan – I took her to play pinball for the first time!


Eleanor on our last visit in Michigan – happy as a little clam!







I had a mini-yoga retreat yesterday at my teacher’s house in the woods.  He has a neat little yoga studio separate from the house that he built himself.  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have that.  The meeting was with the other teachers in training and mainly discussion.  We were each given assignments and he lent out books from his big yoga library.  I am kind of excited, my assignment is all about yoga for women (before, during and after your menses and pregnancy!).  I am hoping to turn mine into an all out presentation that I can do for an audience.  I have a few very thick books that I’m going to lug in my carry on, so I have to make sure to read them!

Plan is to run in FL and I have all of my gear with me.  The weather is supposed to be cool by FL standards – mid-60s and sunny, which is perfect for me!  I’m also going to yoga quite a bit there but need to buy a mat as soon as I arrive.

Have a great week!


Amy said...

I am really interested in your yoga for women presentation. When I first started yoga, the instructor I had did a little talk on yoga for managing PMS pain, but I never learned any more about that and would love to have more info. You are the best resource EVAH! :)

Sometimes life happens and training plans need to be redone. That's not necessarily a fail! You had a great running week.

Have fun in FL!

Alisa said...

Have a great time in FL.

Looks like your running mojo is coming back. I should run with you now while you're coming back maybe I could actually keep up =).

Petraruns said...

That's no fail girl - you got most of that week's training in so you're doing fab.

Your nieces are gorgeous - have a wonderful time in Florida. Am envious..

Anonymous said...

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