Thursday, September 28, 2006

9/28/06 Fowl Play

Miles = 4.0
Time = 30:33.8
Pace = 07:38.5

Split 1 – office down to the Lake = 02:52.8
Split 2 – Lake 1st mile = 07:52.6
Split 3 – Lake 2nd mile = 07:55.3
Split 4 – Lake 3rd mile = 07:44.6
Split 5 – Lake last bit (.1 mile) = 01:03.2
Split 6 – stretch = 09:40.7
Split 7 – lake to office = 03:05.4
TOTAL = 40:14.5
3 mile time = 23:32.5; pace = 07:50.8
5k time = 24:35.7; pace = 07:56.0

I'm like George freaking Costanza down by the lake - ducks, pigeons, seagulls, obtrusive geese EVERYWHERE. Either they have no spatial awareness or they're downright inconsiderate.

Maritza fed me her leftover gel/gu stuff about 30 minutes before my run. (Power Bar Double Latte, produced on the same machines as milk.) I can't say whether this is the cause of my faster running, but I ran fast today. Yay!


Marathon Maritza said...

Thanks for the props via link!

I'm telling you, this stuff works wonders. I'm glad a non-lactard was able to make use of the gels!

Hey I was thinking, got any ideas on how the 3 of us could get paid to blog?

Eed said...

Maybe start a topless running blog? Some sicko would be willing to pay for that!

Marathon Maritza said...

I beg your pardon, I am a lady!

Jen said...

Ha ha!!!

Actually, since I am blogging at work right now, I technically AM getting paid to blog. :P

Excellent pace on the run E!!

Eed said...

Thanks Jen, but I refuse to believe that pace. I am going to need my own GPS or do a really detailed gmap assessment of the course. I suspect that it is actually shorter than I think. Blasted!

I am at work too....but I also have my shirt off.

Jen said...

"I am at work too....but I also have my shirt off."


That camera I installed in your office is paying itself off today.

We should all go for a run sometime and you'll have more feedback data then you could ever want!

Marathon Maritza said...

Yeah E, so true. If you think MY gps is fun, wait to you get a load of all the data Jen's gives you. Mile splits with a beep signaling each completed mile, stats and breakdown on overall run, per mile, etc. It's glorious.

I'm going to come up with a new Garmin for women. Apart from that standard data, every once in a while, it'll give you compliments.

"Your legs are incredible!"

"You are a hottie!"

"You have a tight, fit ass. Go girl, go!"

"Your legs do NOT look stumpy in running shorts!" (that one is for me.)