Monday, May 21, 2007

Daffodil My Ass

The weekend started off pleasant enough, dinner out on the town, leisurely breakfast, then I made a wrong turn somewhere around Orting, WA.

"Sure, 50 miles sounds great!"

I basically tore my behind into shreds which obviously is not a nice visual. The route would have been gorgeous since we were so close to Mt Rainer, but the clouds (which later turned to rain) covered up any prospect of the hills being alive. Some problems incurred on this ride:

*chafing in bad places (note to self, don't wear *blank* next time)
*busy roads
*bumpy roads
*too much traffic/too little shoulder
*no daffodils as promised!

I was cruising happily at about a 65% pain level until mile 35 when it dramatically increased to, say, 99%. Not only was my ass chapped (literally) but my neck/traps were just screaming. I guess its from being in that posture for so long. In all we were peddling away for 4 hours. 4 hours is long time to be doing anything, let alone perch your entire body weight on a couple of pressure points. Especially when you have bird-bone syndrom (hollow bones).