Saturday, May 05, 2007


Surprisingly I woke up after exactly 8 hours of sleep feeling good enough to run. I jumped out of bed and immediately put on my running gear, which may be a good enough trick to getting me out of the door. I was out on the streets by 9:10 and had a plan to run exactly 50 minutes until I reached a garage sale that started at 10. I ran along South Lake Union, North to the University Bridge, then through some gorgeous neighborhoods in Volunteer Park. I stopped a couple of times to check out the views of the lakes and boats and houses, but I pretty much hit my mark and was only 5 minutes late to the g-sale. It was a mighty clusterfrig with fat people and their dogs, but I scored tons of crap that I'm pleased about. From there I walked home, stopping at Value Village along the way to buy some more crap.

I think my run was about 4.5/5 miles but since I was stopping and going I don't really know what my pace was. Let's call it a fun run. I put in another couple of miles on the pavement later by walking downtown and back. I bought some more crap down there too but this was retail crap.

I've spent the last hour readying blogs about people who like to thrift stuff (garage sales, antique stores, flea markets, etc.) and its totally inspiring buy more and maybe to write about it. If I ever get a camera again I may start picturing the crap that I find on here!

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Marathon Maritza said...

The other day I went into a cool little second-hand/antique store and there was a REALLY beat up table that was still so pretty in shape and I stood there thinking about getting it and sanding it and staining it and then I realized:
1. I need more space than my wee, little condo to do that,
2. Who do you think you are? Emily?