Thursday, October 11, 2007

Exactly How Many Is A Brazillion?

It has taken every bit of energy to move my phalanges to log in and type this right now. Well, I got punkd. AKA, I got sick. A tinge of the post-marathon travel across the country 4 times in that many days fever. Yep. SEA-->CHI-->SEA-->DFW-->TAMPA. Add to that a bunch of medicine and drinks of all varieties and you've got this. A be-scrubbed old t-shirtted girl on the 6th floor of the worst Radisson in history. The worst part of the Radisson is that it has internet access that allows me to do this. Ouch. Long story short is that I did the race, it was hard, but I did it. Many thoughts/recap/emotions and stuff that I'd like to document and I realize as the days go by I am losing more and more of it, but I will do it once I get a minute. I am done being sore and feel lazy and lethargic already. Once I get a free moment, after I document my marathon glory, I am going for a bazillion-mile run. I talked to Maritza the other day and it was great. Haven't talked in a while and it was good to hear voice to familiar voice what she had to say. I keep forgetting that I have these friends in low places! I have been able to view some of the official race photos but the site isn't letting me get on it right now otherwise I'd post some. Back to that brazillion-mile run. Its going to be sweet. And hot. And hot and sweet.

Have a good night!

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jen said...

Hello there Marathoner. :) I tracked you all day last weekend and am so so so so proud of you for finishing. That was a sucktastic day to be running your first marathon, but you ran like a champ. I can't wait to hear the details, but nothing is going to change the fact that YOU are, and will forever be, a marathoner. Congratulations. :) Feel better soon!! :)