Sunday, October 28, 2007

Recess Over

Hiyeee....its me again. I can't believe I've built up my training regimen for so long only to collapse on the actual race report. I actually did write one up, but it is not put together yet, just partial and some hand written. At least I captured my thoughts right after the race happened, but when I put it together I will of course have hindsight even more featured. I promise I will write it soon.

As for running since the race, I really haven't! It has been three weeks today and I have only run once. After I got back from Chicago I had to quickly turn around to Florida where the weather was...90* and 90% humidity, just like the marathon weather in Chitown. I managed to squeak out 3-4 miles, but it still felt awful and I was sick, so it wasn't too enjoyable. Since then I've been really taking it easy. Enjoying my "recovery" period, or whatever. Yesterday I went on a steep hike which after-effects made me realize I need to get my ass out there again. The hike itself wasn't bad, but I am sore today. Once my dill/cheese scone gets digested I think I'm going to treat myself to a traditional Sunday run. I actually am starting to miss the ritual of getting my music and podcast set up and planning out my run. The trail misses me!

I have also decided to ride my bike more, whenever possible. I biked to class last Thursday since there was no chance of rain and it was great. I love that flushy face feeling with the cold weather but high core body temperature. I walk into where ever my destination is, pant leg rolled up, hair messy, panting but feeling really alive and refreshed. I will definitely make this a habit. Unfortunately because I live in Seattle, it is difficult to predict when and where the rain may strike. My recourse will be to bring a plastic bag to cover my seat and if all else fails, load my bike onto the bus' front rack. (I'm really afraid of this act, though!) My mtn bike is a beater, though, using it only because I won't be too put out if it gets stolen. I wish I could take my new speedy slick road bike, but I would be really upset if that disappeared.

As I'm going on into this next phase I'm not sure what I'm going to do, how I'm going to approach my fitness now that the training and race are over with. I like the idea of training for another goal, but also want to be the type of person who doesn't necessarily need the end goal to drive me. I want the basic idea of being healthy as my impetus for busting my balls at 6am, or in a hot gym, etc. I've got some thoughts but will have to see how putting them into practice pans out....

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