Friday, October 05, 2007

I Am Really Going To Do This Thing


I've decided to put nerves aside and just have fun. Commiserating with my future self at mile 20 isn't going to do me any good right now. It's not! So I'm focusing on being excited about my first little marathon. The cat is out of the bag at work and everyone keeps wishing me luck, which is fun (a little embarrassing, but good since I'm an attention whore).

Get this - the weather report for Chicago on Sunday has been changing from thunderstorms-->rain-->clouds-->mostly sunny and from hot to HOTTER. The high on Sunday will be almost 90 degrees. Huh? Yep, so my focus is also on hydration and not melting. I had envisioned myself time and again at the start area bundled up in the early morning with sleety rain and a cold nose. Not anymore... This will be much much warmer than I've been training in and the humidity much higher. I'm just going to go with it, keep on drinkin' and keep on truckin'.

I've also decided my music plan. I'm going to bring the iPod w/me and tuck it in my sports bra like I always do. My plan is to go the 1st half without anything and then see from there on. iPods are banned, but just see if they can try and pull me off of that course. Bastards.

I think I have everything set up logistically for the travel and the wknd. I can't wait to see my family and friends and the wonderful city of Chicago.


Juls said...

Hi there, Emily:

Wishing you luck and lots of ATTENTION as you run in the sun. Happy 1st marathon (that's what you said, right?). There will never be another 1st so take it in and love every moment.

jen said...

Happy first marathon Emily! You are just underway and I'm online tracking you. Keep hydrated and keep smiling, you can do it!