Friday, June 19, 2009

The American Dream

Still not ready to do my race I will give you some random thoughts.

I did some good working out this week, but also had some fails. I did a trail run on Monday that was cut short by a mile due to bad stomach issues. Walking was the only thing that helped, so that sucked but at least I didn't blow my wad on the trail. Gross.

Tuesday I did a solid swim workout followed by a spin class. Wednesday I traveled to Utah and didn't do anything. Thursday I did another swim followed by 1:30 spin. Then this week's biggest fail was Friday. I was supposed to do an 8 mile tempo run and just couldn't make it happen. I'm doing a 50 mile ride today and probably a 30 minute swim.

Upsetting stuff happening at work yesterday that makes me want a new career. However, I don't know what my calling is or what I even like doing anymore. It is kind of depressing, to tell you the truth.

I am going to Michigan on Wednesday for like a week for my wedding shower and family fun, but it is going to affect my training. Whatever! At this point I've dug myself into a little hole so its really another drop in the bucket. I am looking forward to it!

Problem is that we have an apartment to pack and a move to complete. Another problem is that I have no boxes nor desire to acquire any. Or to pack. Sooooooo. Here we are!

So I will leave you with some race pics I got from my friend....

Ah, this photo explains a lot:

That is my future husband checking out the picture he just took of me. I can hear him saying to himself "Picture taken? Check! Now I'm going to stuff my face with more ranch sunflower seeds and concentrate on breathing, blinking and allowing my heart to pump blood." (I swear I am much more appreciative of him than that - it is just fun to make fun on this, especially when his favorite thing to do at these races is to eat doughnuts while I'm struggling past him. I promise he is an athlete in his own right [he did the Portland marathon last year, has done Mountains to Sound twice, runs, plays hoops, tennis, etc.] but he just doesn't get into the races as much as the rest of us...)

I love this last picture - with my friend that I've known since college and have lived in both Chicago and Portland with. We are both so excited to start this race and not even self-conscious about what DBs we look like!


J said...

Love the pictures! Have fun at your wedding shower and hopefully you can get in some good workouts after that!

Denise said...

Enjoy all the wedding activities!! Great race photos, too!

ShirleyPerly said...

HA, I'm sure my husband does the same thing after I pass him on a race.

Enjoy Michigan and your wedding shower. Hope the work stress does not follow!

Jess said...

A belated congrats on finishing your triathlon.

I hear ya on the work issues.

Susan said...

Boo to work can be such a pain. I hope you have a fun, non-stressful time with wedding activities!

RunToFinish said...

doesn't it stink when work it off kilter, it means that everything just feels not quite right.

wow amazing race photos!