Monday, June 01, 2009


We have slaved all weekend and I'm nearly comatose. Last night we took a break for dinner during which I had 3 glasses of wine + 2 French 76's + 1 glass of wine + 2 shots of tequila.
Then when dinner (with our client) ended we all went back to the jobsite and did a final walk together for 2 hours and finished at 1 a.m. With all of that alcohol in my system. Then got up at 6:30 a.m. - 5 hours of sleep. Today was not the best - so tired and a little headachy.
SURVEY BREAK: Who thinks I have a drinking problem?

(Please leave responses in comments. Just FYI, everyone else drank just as much. Oh, and it was fun.)

On Saturday I got in a really fast 5.5 miles that I wish could have been longer. I had to really squeeze it in before dinner and am so happy that I was successful! Sunday I woke up early to get in as much as I could (4.2 miles) before starting work again. Today is an off day (thank god).

I am really impressed I was able to get those runs in but to tell you the truth they were tough miles. Not sure if its the travel but I just feel sluggish and off. I've also been eating my face off and not happy with myself. I feel gross, tired and sucky.

I am so happy to be done with our move and can't wait to spend some time with my parents in Baltimore, then back to DC to hang with my friend. I guarantee that we will drink lots and lots of wine and spend hours and hours catching up! Friday is a full day of travel then waking up Saturday to do my first open water swim! I don't have a wetsuit yet so may have to tough it out Alcatraz-style.

Speaking of the swim....I have a triathlon in less than 2 weeks - are you kidding me? I'm going into this for the fun factor and experience and am really excited. I know I could have done better with training but I think it'll be neat.


the gazelle said...

I am so glad you had French 76s! Did you love them? Makes me thirsty.

Way to go getting in the runs - it's hard when you travel & eat & drink. I think you're doing a great job.

Denise said...

No drinking problem...just like to have fun!! And if you have one, I'm right there with you! said...

One time I went a week without drinking...just so I could feel how it was not to drink with every meal.
It was hard, but after that week was over I went back to my old ways :-)

Sarah said...

drinking problem shroblem. I like it!

Marathon Maritza said...

Holy mackeral, busy girl!

I don't think you have a drinking problem at all. Then again, don't take advice from me. I'm tipsy on a Tuesday night. Hey, maybe that should be a new theme...tipsy Tuesdays!

Great job getting those workouts in despite the move craziness!