Saturday, May 30, 2009

Details from 5/16 Ride (Carson, WA)

I got the deets on the ride that I did with friends a couple of weeks ago, verbatim from friend's email:
  • 24.5 miles total
  • 1:25 total (this might be off depending on how it stopped itself when we stopped) - but its approximately right. i didnt intervene like i could have if i wanted exact numbers.1st 12m out.
  • average of 16mph - keep in mind this was hilly up, 2nd 12m back - average of 21.5 mph (this was downhill mainly, however, we had wind on us - i bet we would have gone 24mph average with no wind....or about 20mph had we not hit it as hard as we did) just my guess
  • i don't have exact elevation but shaun looked and we climbed approximately 1250ft. this is more than council crest from portland!

So, anyway. That's it. Above are some pictures from the ride at the turnaround point.

I'm still working away in DC! I am trying to figure out a way to nonchalantly sneak out of here to go run. It is in the 80s outside and I'm dying to get out!

Hope your weekend is going well.


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Kalong said...

What a fun blog you have!!! I love it and I love that you're from portland and travel everywhere too!!