Friday, May 29, 2009

On the East Coast

(Above is the track where I did my workout last Friday - it was quaint and right by the highest security prison in the world: PELICAN BAY.)

On Thursday I traveled from the far left to the far right coast of this great country of ours.

Today is Friday night and I'm SO F'ING tired. Yesterday was planned to be an "off" day for the travel but today I should have done a fartlek run today. No beans. We're managing a move for work and literally there is no downtime. There IS downtime but it is require that we hang around during said time of down. It really chaps my ass that this is the case, but I want to keep my job so...hence it goes.

I love DC which is why I decided to stay here until next Friday! My parents are randomly going to be out here this week so I will hang w/them for a couple of days. Then I will spend my final night w/a good friend from Chicago who moved to LA then just move to DC. It is going to be good times.

Until then I have no idea if I'll be able run at all. I am going to try to lay off the snacks that I brought but I can't make any promises.

I am so happy that it is basically SUMMER. I've got tris and weddings and travel and work craziness and sun and fun and BRING IT ON BITCHES.


J said...

Summer is the best time! Enjoy the time in DC and get some rest!

Denise said...

Yay for summer!!

Susan said...

I love DC!! It's second to Chicago, of course. Enjoy it!