Sunday, May 10, 2009

Put Yo Ass Into It (10 miler)

(Photo from good times over the weekend...)

The best song to come on during the last half mile of a lagging 10 mile run is Ice Cube "You Can Do It."

My favorite verse is:

Hear me banging down these back streets

Bumpin blackstreet, fiending like an athlete

Life aint a track meet (no)

Its a marathon

Good one for a playlist during a race!

My 10 mile easy run today wasn't easy.

TOTAL: 9.91 miles/1:27:38/8:51 pace/150 avg bpm

I stopped three times to sip from the water fountains. I really needed it. I must not have had much water this morning, but the higher temps didn't help. It was only around mid-60s it felt really hot to me. I kept a steady pace around 8:45 but it didn't feel as easy as that pace normally does. And, although I haven't run since Thursday, my feet and legs felt tired.

Maybe I should catch up on my training...

Friday was an off day. Saturday I met up with Jen and Zach for a long bike ride - they found the route and Zach lead the way. We passed through an organized running race of people with their dogs that slowed us up. Once we got off of Springwater we were on our way. I can't remember every turn and twist, but we crossed through some small towns, a parade, two bridges, some parks, foresty trails and back home. The route was pretty excellent - wide bike lanes on 99% of the roads and not much traffic. Weather couldn't have been more perfect either.

(I left my stolen shades the park we stopped in accidentally. Pay it forward! Now I have the guilt off of my back I guess.)

I'm so glad we did the ride together and I look forward to many more with my fine athletic friends!

I did a really good job following my plan this week and if I can find a way to fit in the swim workout I was supposed to do yesterday then I'll have 100% results!


M = 6 miles easy - DONE!
T = tempo bike (1:15) - DONE!

W = swim workout (2,900 yds) - DONE!

Th = track workout (mile repeats - sweet) - DONE!
F = OFF! - DONE!

Sa = swim/ride (going to find someplace new for the bike) - DONE! (not the swim)
Su = 10 mile easy run - DONE!

In other news....

I BOUGHT MY WEDDING DRESS YESTERDAY!! I am so excited. After the bike ride I went out shopping (success: green wedge sandals, cute jeans and a dress) and my last stop was at the wedding boutique. I have visited there twice over the last few months to try on some dresses. The first visit I tried on the perfect dress but have been doubting myself over it since. I knew I had to make a decision soon and decided today would be the day. I tried on a couple more but the ONE was still the ONE and it is now the ONE that I will be wearing on my wedding day. I'm so excited! Now to find the shoes, the jewelry, embellishments, the hairpiece and the undergarments. A lot more to do, but this one is DONE DONE DONE and I am thrilled about it! I feel great about supporting a local business owner and she is the best - going to help me style the whole outfit and design a fun hairpiece to boot. Yay!


the gazelle said...

those are cute wedges! yay! great jeans, too. My two big weaknesses - jeans & shoes.

as for this weather - we are such delicate flowers that can't run in the heat :)

i'm excited for you & your wedding dress!

jen said...

I had so much fun on the ride! I'm looking forward to doing a bunch of cool rides this summer. Such a pretty area.

I only ran 6 today but I could feel the bike ride for sure. Great job getting it done!

YAY wedding dress. You are going to be a beautiful bride!!

J said...

That is so great you found your wedding dress and have it all set now!! Looks like you had a great weekend!!

Alisa said...

Awesome on the wedding dress! Yay!

Those are cute wedges.

P.S. I heart the heat =).

kristen said...

Exciting about the wedding dress. Cute ass wedges!

Do as many open water swims as possible. (that's what I did to train for my first tri. - ironically, their was a hurricane passing through and the swim was cancelled)

P.O.M. said...

What a weekend.
I love that song!!! It also reminds me of my best friend who used to booty dance to that song.

Yippy for the dress. The rest will fall into place easily :)

Amy said...

I'm way behind on my blogging so I just read this one. CONGRATS on buying the dress. That's a huge cross off on the ole "to do" list! Very exciting.

Marathon Maritza said...

I think because you are ditching me the weekend I am flying ALL THE WAY TO PORTLAND TO HANG OUT, you owe me 1 emailed pic of your dress.

That. Is. All.