Monday, May 11, 2009

This Week's Plan

My training plan for this week is as follows:

M = 6 miles easy (+ bonus meeting Jen at the gym for weights)
T = swim (2800 yds)
W = off day for travel
Th = tempo run
F = bike (90 minutes)
Sa = BRICK! bike (1 hour) +run (30 minutes)
Su = swim (easy shake out swim/1200 yds) (+ bonus easy run w/my newbie friend)

TOTAL = 4,000 yds swim/30 miles bike/15 miles run

The sprint tri is on June 13th. That is really soon, like less than 4 weeks away. I didn't see it creeping up that fast. I only have my training plan through this Sunday so I'm not sure what will be in store for me over the next few weeks. Based on the periodization training I'd assume its going to get harder over the next few weeks then easier about the week before the race. I know a sprint is relatively "easy" in the world of triathlons, and I am only using this as a practice for the olympic tri I have in July, BUT I want to be ready. I want to have some more brick workouts under my belt. I need to buy the gear. I need to practice transitions. I need to get in the open water.

So, here is the plan:

1. buy some gear (tri clothes- suggestions?)
2. test or buy a wetsuit
3. do an open water swim - there is supposedly one on the race course the weekend before the race - must sign up
4. practice transitions
5. pay attention during my brick workouts to see how it feels

What did you do to get ready for your first tri?


the gazelle said...

I am going to be paying a LOT of attention to your pre-tri-training & prep, since my first tri ever is 8/1!

I am thinking of renting a wetsuit for that, 'cause buying seems so...expensive!

My biggest fear is the transition fear. I am SCARED of transitions. I'm sure you'll be fine - you're such a great athlete, that I can't imagine anything you can't do at this point!

Sarah said...

I say to the tri naked. You'll save some cash :)

Timbers Game Thursday!

RunToFinish said...

sarah seems very smart to me I would go with her suggestion