Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boston Marathon Eve

Well, it is almost here - the day I've been waiting to come for months. I have to admit I am super fired up and ready for action. Last night I couldn't fall asleep because of all of the excitement - thoughts running through my mind like crazy.

Yesterday I slept in then went to the convention center w/my sig O. We got there early afternoon and ended up spending a lot longer than anticipated. It took me a while to get into the swing of things, but before I knew it I was signing up for contests, taking samples, pictures, buying crap, etc. I ended up getting the official Boston jacket for 2010, plus some fun shirts for my supporters out here. I also found a great t-shirt made by New Balance that I'll have to post a picture of.

We got out of the convention center about 3:30 and had a small lunch (including beers!) at The Pour House before heading back home. I had only a short while to get in my 4 mile run so ended up going only 2 miles down heartbreak hill. I guess I went down to Walnut Street (which is mile 19 of the course). I did a bunch of analysis on the hills that basically amounts to me making them smaller than they are. I think it worked!

After that we made a pasta dinner and my uncle (who is also running tomorrow) came over to celebrate. We had your basic salad, pasta w/tomato sauce and veggies and some bread. I had a sip of wine but am otherwise holding off until the race starts. When we drove my uncle back to the T we drove the entire 4 miles back down and up the hilly part of the course so it was good to see that again. At some point, however, it becomes futile to keep looking at it. I'm not Ryan Hall, I just need to go out there and run my race.

I tried going to bed early but probably fell asleep around 1 a.m. local time. I did wake up at 10 so I guess I got in my sleep. Waking up at 5 a.m. tomorrow is going to be a bear...I am going to put myself to bed around 8 or 9 tonight and just read until I get tired.

On my agenda for today:

-attach chip to shoe
-attach bib to top
-fashion a name tag for my top (I'm on the fence on this but have been convinced by my sister that I MUST do it!)
-cut out pace band
-charge Garmin
-ice shin (it has been flaring up again)
-set alarm
-finish packing my bag
-pack up bag for Josh for the finish
-run thru the meet up plan w/my peeps
-go to bed early!

Is that thorough enough?

I have completed my plan for tomorrow morning and my "marathon plan" for the race. Here we go:

Race Day Schedule:

5:00 - wake up, shower, coffee, eat, drink limited water (don't want to have to pee on the bus), body glide up, dress
6:00 - drive to T station
6:30 - arrive downtown at shuttle buses, meet up with Susan, board buses
7:30/8:00 - arrive in Hopkinton
8-9:15 - bide time, stretch, hydrate, eat a little more, take pics, beam with pride, etc. (try not to freak the F out)
9:15 - take bags to baggage bus (take off all non-throwaway clothes, more body glide, Gu, tylenol)
9:30 - head to corral 13
10:00 - start race!

Race Plan:

In general, here is the race plan....

In case you can't read it, I've separated the race into 5 sections: Zone, Settle, Wellesley, Hills and End. I wanted to note some bullet points in each section, so here they are:

Zone (Miles 1-4):
-don't go out too fast!
-watch Garmin & ease into it

Settle (Miles 4-13):
-find stride
-save legs for later
-take nutrition/water

Wellesley (Miles 13-16):
-keep pace @ W.O.S. (Wall of Sound aka the screaming ladies)
-take nutrition/water

Hills (Miles 16-21):
-eat/drink at start and end
-head down and grind it out
-remember I-205
-catch breath inbtwn hills (1-1.25 miles btwn each hill)
-Mile 19 - family meet up
-end of hills is real halfway mark

-shake em if you got em
-finish strong/nothing left
-soak it in!

I am really excited for the finish and to eat/drink my face off. I really hope the race goes well and I finish feeling not too terrible. I know it is going to hurt, and probably pretty badly toward the end but I've been there before and know I can push through it. I suspect the most difficult part of the race will be pacing myself through the downhills and not going out fast. Then of course the hills will be a little nasty with the finish being the nastiest part of it all.

Despite the challenges of a race like this I am really looking forward to knocking it off my life list and making myself and people I know proud. I'm going to relish in the pain and struggle knowing not everyone has the luxury of participating in such events. It really is a privilege and I intend to make myself worthy of it.

I might write more later depending on how nervous or bored I am...until next time! (Oh, if you want to track me, my bib is 13523.)


Petraruns said...

Signed up to track you - I'm good to go. Strategy is VERY impressive - sounds great to me.

Can't wait to hear all about it. Big hug! Go and DO THIS THING!

the gazelle said...

I am signed up to track you, too! I am so excited for you. Have a great sleep tonight (I hope you're sleeping already) and a great day tomorrow. I know it's going to be AWESOME!

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Alisa said...

Yeah! I know you did great.