Thursday, April 29, 2010

Inbetween Stuff

I am totally behind the ball on writing my Boston race report but that doesn't mean I can't post anything right?

I have done 10.5 hours of yoga in the past 7 days (and that includes 2 days of being out of town). I feel great. Sore and tired but great and fired up for the next steps. I am also trying to branch out and find some opportunities to begin practicing more, learning more and even TEACHING. It is very exciting.

Anyone in Portland want some free yoga classes? Seriously - let me know!

I have run twice since Boston. First time on Monday (one week after the race). A really nice and easy 4 or 5 miles that felt great. Today I ran 3.6 miles around my Willamette Riverfront loop after my 2nd yoga session of the day. I have to admit that my right knee started feeling a bit tweaky and is still sore a few hours later. Damn! Might be the excessive yoga...speaking of which. I hope I don't get injured.

But honestly I can feel my body transforming with this yoga stuff. I wonder if/when it will go away and become easier for me. Hoping it tempers out somewhat but I want to stay challenged. I am really liking it.

Weather in Portland has been more dynamic than usual - spurts of hard rain followed by bright sun and rainbows. Reminds me of the midwest and I love it.

Blazers lost tonight and are out of the playoffs. Bummer.

Ok, bye.


jen said...

Yoga! Yoga! Yoga!

aron said...

i WISH i was in portland to get some yoga help!! i have only done it on videos and i get so bored within like 5 minutes so i stop. i might have to give it another try though with you and jen and all your yoga talk :)

Susan said...

I think I'm going to have to give yoga a better try...I need LOTS of help!

Amy - the gazelle said...

I am always up for free yoga classes! :) Also, am totally up for exploring new studios on Fridays if you ever want company.

See you next Friday! WOO!

Amy said...

I really need to get on the yoga bandwagon. I bought a prenatal dvd and have done it some but I miss my gym. I'll have to keep at the dvd. Hope your knee feels better.

Alisa said...

I'm in for any yoga help you can pass along!

Sounds like you're loving your new lifestyle. Your arms are going to be even more ripped than they already were!