Thursday, April 01, 2010

Going The Distance

Let me briefly say that I am in the final stretch and it literally feels like the end of a track race. (Had to tie in the running here somehow.) I'm giving it my all and feeling like I can't possibly push any further. Body and mind are squeezed to their limits but the finish line is right there. Just a bit ahead.

It will be interesting to see if I vomit into the grass at the end but I do know for certain I will be so very relieved.

Many many more posts to come in the next week, month, year.


the gazelle said...

If you managed to run up the Steel Bridge at the end of that 5K last year w/o puking, I know that this isn't going to make you barf.

Less than 1.5 days left! WOOOO!

Petraruns said...

Have been offline so am just catching up on your life now - wow! Today is the last day right?

I owe you a drink when I see you in Boston - am getting very excited for the race and for you for having this stress factor out of your life. Also have some yoga / business contacts for you in CA, will get all the details to you in email. Big kiss - hang in there and get Josh to make you a martini tonight!

Marathon Maritza said...

Kick ass, seabass! And have a blast doing it!!!

Alisa said...