Saturday, April 24, 2010

Boston Update (quickie version)

I ran the Boston marathon!

I finished in 3:57:03. The race knocked my socks off - I was expecting crowds and support but nothing like what I saw. I had my name on my shirt and felt like a rock star. I've never experienced anything like that before. I high-fived no less than 875 kids and cheek-kissed 2 Wellesley girls. The weather was gorgeous. I ran an even steady and easy pace until Mile 20ish when my legs cramped up. The last 6 or so miles were very difficult but I finished the race. Of course I wish that hadn't happened but it made me feel human and alive and I'm proud of myself for pushing through it. I have my suspicions to the origin of this demise but can get into that later. I'm going to write up a race report early next week with all of the details.

Thanks for reading!



Petraruns said...

I've been waiting to hear from you - good to get this update. Sounds like it was an amazing experience and you smelled the roses..

As for getting cramp at the end - it's happened to me before and it's really hard - well done on pushing through for 6 miles it must have truly hurt.

Still can't believe I wasn't there to celebrate it with you - but can't wait for the full report. Have a great weekend, Petra

KK said...

Congrats, Emily, way to push through the trouble spots. I have a feeling you'll be back and then you can really show Beantown who's boss.

Amy said...

Congratulations. Sub 4 at Boston? Sounds amazing to me. Love that you truly enjoyed yourself. I hope to run it someday too.

Alisa said...

Yeah, that's our girl!!!

So I was totally tracking you and you probably already know this but your uncle the one that I talked to at your wedding finished almost the same time you did---how crazy is that?

The course is HARD, I know since I used to live there. Newton and Brookline have some hills, to go sub 4 is just awesome!