Sunday, October 01, 2006

10/1/06 Strawberry Canyon Fire Trail

I set out today to do a long run, which right now for me is 6 or 7 miles. I ended up doing about 8.5 miles - I don't have a GPS gadget and ended up on trails for a portion of the run that I couldn't map out on gmaps.

The route was basic; uphill the 1st half, downhill the 2nd. And by uphill I mean treacherous. I think I'm getting more used to elevation, but after years of running on flat flat land it is still a challenge. On the unmapped trail section there was a hill that I literally almost lost my footing on - it was that steep - and about 200-300 meters long.

Miles = 8.64
Overall pace = 8:24
Uphill pace = 9:05
Downhill pace = 7:47

This was the longest run I've done in at least a year so I am sore but happy that I can still do it! Other notables, I woke up at 9, starting running at 11 with only a Power Bar vanilla gel pack and about 50 oz of water in my belly. I like to run on as empty stomach as possible and today was no exception - I felt great!

This is the Berkeley Fire trail - I was on the yellow part and think I went about halfway up. I'm going to go out on a limb and say the elevation over the 1st 4 miles was about 600 feet.


Jen said...

SWEET! That sounds like a really tough but fun run. Great job on running so far- especially with those hills. :)

Jen said...

I mean great job "so far" as in running such a very far distance, not like up to this point.

Just thought I'd clear that up, because when I re-read it just now it seemd really rude. :D Like I am waiting for your demise.

"Oh great running.... so far! Mwa ha ha! You're going down!"

Eed said...

I totally didn't take it that way but thanks for the clarification! The 3,000 other people who read my log were probably all, 'what a bitch!'