Monday, October 02, 2006

10/2/06 Day Late and More Than a Buck Short

Miles = 3.9
Pace = 7:30
Pastries = 4.5

I did something no one should do today. See, we get these day old pastries and before I left work I decided to throw them away, because as of today, they were about 4.5 days old. But I was hungry and craving sweets and never eat pastries! These were enough reasons to make me take a bite out of almost every one of them before they went in the trash. Um, who does that?

Then when I got home I was so beside myself about watching the Bachelor (T minues 25 minutes now!) that the only thing I could think to keep me occupied was running. So I ran, with at least 400 gooey, sugary pastries floating around in my gut. NOT RECOMMENDED. (Not sure if Pfitz mentioned this in his training plan, maybe I should write my own training plan based upon things one should NOT do. I think I'd be good at it.)

It actually turned out to be a good run, albeit mostly in the dark along poorly lit sidewalks alongside brush that was housing a few hundred homicidal homeless drug addicts. This thought made me run fast.

I ended the run at the liquor store, natch. Hello...who watches reality TV anymore without a 6-pack cradled under their armpit? Not anyone I know.


Marathon Maritza said...

You know what I've found though?

The 6-pack gets warm if it's under your armpit.

Quick solution?

Pound them.

Jen said...

Bahaha. Wise words, Maritza.

Good job on the run E! Nothing like fear to spice up a workout. The only thing more motivating is when you realize you left the baby in the tub. Ooops!