Saturday, October 07, 2006

10/7/06 Quack Attack

I did the run up past Memorial Stadium and into the Berkeley Fire Trail, except this time I went up a bit farther than last Saturday. I definitely felt tight and sluggish most of the way up, probably due to the excessive drinking and eating crap that I partook in this week. At least that's what I think it is. Maybe next week I'll try being really healthy and see how that affects my running. Or not..... Because the truth of it is, I'm about to leave to watch football all afternoon and drink beer!

Miles = 9.24
Pace = 8:37


Jen said...

Wow, nice long run E!! It's amazing that you can pull off such a long run (trails, no less) at that pace after a week of slacking (your words, not mine!). You are amazing. :)

Yay beer.

Marathon Maritza said...

Go you! You're doing awesome!!!!!