Monday, September 24, 2007

13 Days Left

Detox and the countdown begins. Not exactly sure what the detox will entail but it makes me feel better advertising that I'm on a program. No beer, no wine until 10/7 afternoon. I had a crappy long run the wknd before last but on Sunday I had a terrific 12 miler. I ran at a pace that felt fast, but not too fast and barely looked down at the Garmin. I was happy to read at the end that I'd averaged 8:17 miles. I know the race will be >2x the length but I'm thinking I can at least try to tough things out at a fast pace than I'd previously thought.

I love life right now - facial, walks around the city, NFL, NCAA - yeah.

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jen said...

Good luck on the detox, that's something I should consider.. Let us know how it goes.

Great job on the 12 miler! I love those kinds of runs. I know you can hold a good pace for the whole marathon, but of course you should start off a bit slower at least the first few miles, then pick it up. You're going to do great!! :)