Sunday, September 30, 2007

Off the Richter

One week from now I'll be done with my first marathon. I will have finished within my goal and will have an unstoppable smile as I hang out with my family and friends in a place I completely adore. I'll have salt crusted around my face and probably one less toenail, but will feel the relief of completely what I've been looking forward to for so long. I listened to the Phedippidations podcast the other day while running and the topic was first marathons. One account was of the Chicago marathon and the whole thing got me all welled up (while running). I am an emotional person to start with but I have not expected myself to be one of those weepy runners - I'm hard core dammit! We'll see how this all goes down next week, but I may get one of those finish line pics that shows how much this shit got to me.

Strange abnormal stuff going on this week, but I think I'll be okay. Sparing details, I think my psyche is guiding my body and what its doing. I am nervous (excited-nervous, but still nervous) and I can't hide it. I'll be okay.

I'm sure I've babbled on about the aches and pains I've had throughout the training, but they're still there. I've got pain in the arches of my feet, the bones not muscles, moderate pain in my knees, but not that bad and something relatively new in the hamstring area of my left leg. It goes from my lower knee basically up to my butt. I would have thought w/this taper that it would subside somewhat, but all symptoms come up quickly into my runs. Is there anything I can do about this or is it too late? Can all marathoners assume that they'll finish the race in bad physical shape? I'd really love to run this comfortably, but coming to terms that I probably won't. Which is okay, I can push through it as long as I know I'm not damaging myself in the long term. Any thoughts?

Logistics are coming into place - I think I can get on the earlier flight and I'm praying I can go #2 before the run. Honestly, that is the one thing that I'm worried about. NUMBER TWO. Question - should I try to get someone to run with me for a few miles near the end? Will I want it or be annoyed? It is going to be warm (70*) and rainy in Chicago next Sunday for the race - should be perfect.

My best memory of training was when someone on the street told me "your thighs are off the richter!" - but even better have been the shout outs from my inspirational peeps down in Cali. Thanks so much guys for the support and advice because I'm not sure how I could have gone through this w/o that.

Back to the final days - I will try to connect before the race again but it might not be until afterward. Wish me luck!


Marathon Maritza said...

I am so excited for you!!!

My only advice would be to try to remember to stretch before going to bed at night. I know you said the pain is in your bones, but muscle pulling on bone perhaps? Either way, it can't hurt, so lightly stretch out before going to bed at night.

My last bit of advice, that I found was SO helpful for my marathons: Nothing new on marathon day! Don't eat stuff you aren't used to eating, don't wear new clothes/shoes/socks, change the way you tie your laces, part your hair on the other side (j/k), etc. Trust what you have put into the training and have a blast!!

P.S. I'm totally tracking your off-the-richter thighs online on race day. I wish I could be there!

Amanda said...

So exciting!! Yuo are going to do great, just keep your head in it and remember to try and enjoy it, rather than worry through it. What a great achievement!