Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tofu Pot Pie

I just got done running about 9 miles, but only actually timed 7.5, which was an even hour. I sort of ran/walked the rest. I'm trying not to push things too hard but its hard to push myself any less than I have over most of my training. (My friend was grilling me about my training yesterday, asking all the details "how hard is it really?" and I had to admit that I really haven't sacrificed as much as I thought I would have. I really haven't changed my lifestyle that much - I still drink, stay up late and slack off as usual. I guess I'll do my official training recap soon after the race is over with...well see what I have to say then.)

I digress. I ate a Clif Bar right before running tonight and that was stupid. Within 20 minutes of my run I immediately felt like it had gone through my entire system and was ready to get out. Gross, yes, but isn't everything?

This weekend I'm going to plan my logistics in a really detailed manner. I'll probably even pack my bags! Some good advice I've heard recently that I think I'll adhere to:

*put your name on your shirt so everyone can cheer for you
*use safety pins to keep your Gu packs on you
*Chicago marathon has a text messager thingy tool that you can sign up for to see where a runner is at during the race
*get to the start 2 hours early to figure out what the H is going on and find a spot (there are 45,000 runners!)

I also called the Chi marathon office to see when they'd be sending out the race materials. Turns out they already did and they sent it to the address I had back in January, which is obviously different than the one I have now. I was reassured that it only contained my race number, which she told me, and a race brochure that I can download online. Luckily I changed my address with them so my race results will be sent to me post-race. But the best part of this conversation is my race number - 11766 - which is very close to another very important number, part of the reason I'm running this race: 11677, the date of my birth! Is this karma or what?

I've weaseled my way into staying at a friend's place in Lincoln Park. They will not be there, I will have a warm, cushy bed and no felines lingering around to start up my allergies. The plan is to sleep solo on Saturday night so I can have some P&Q. I'm not sure yet that I'm okay with this. Yes, I want to go to bed early, get plenty of sleep, etc, but I also want some support and encouragement from the moment my head hits the pillow and right from the get go at 5am or whatever. I've still got time to think on that one before I have to coerce someone into not partying with old friends in the best city ever. It is going to be really hard for me to not be able to go out that night, but oh well...

I made a mistake in booking my ticket too. I wanted to leave on Saturday, be able to sleep in before rushing to the airport and also avoid the temptations that the Windy City will bring upon me. My flight doesn't get in until 5pm Central time and the race expo closes at 6 - not enough time for me to get there from O'hare. I could get someone else to pick my bib up for me but I don't dare risk it. I don't want to rush either, so I'm going to change my ticket to leave early and arrive at about 3pm.

Much more prep and planning but I'm so pumped! I'm doing my checklist soon and might go to the extent of a minute by minute itinerary up until the gun. What goes without planning is the ridiculous party I'm going to have once I finish - brunch at Stanley's, drinks at Irish Eyes, drinks at Kendalls, drinks at whatever and whenever and where ever. Chicago here I come!


Marathon Maritza said...

Whoo hooo! I'm so excited for you! And thanks for passing along your race I can track you online!

You're going to do great!

jen said...

I'll be tracking you too! Yay!

Don't worry that you think you didn't sacrafice enough, I personally don't think you have to give up everything (esp. drinking!) and I know for a fact you worked pretty dang hard. You can always run yourself to death next time around!! :) I think you did great, and you are going to have a blast in Chicago.

Glad you got the race info/expo/flight stuff all worked out. Now all that's left is running almost 30 miles!

(I like rounding up to 30. It makes people pee themselves.)