Saturday, September 08, 2007

4 Weeks Left

Oh how I should never post what my "planned" runs are for the week... What I ended up running was drastically different:

T - I decided to not run today, I felt totally tired and could not even conceptualize putting one foot in front of the other.
W - I ran 10 miles
Th - did not run at lunch as planned, too much work to do, then an after-work party that I had to attend
F - too hungover and tired to run

Sweet, huh?

After I finish watching my Wolverines get embarrassed I am going to hit the roads for an easy 6 or so. I'm planning to replicate race-day tomorrow by getting up early and running 20. I have a rodeo to attend at 1, so I'm going to need to get started early.

My run on Wednesday went exceptionally well. I sucked down a Gu and left straight from my office for home. My only goal was to run the 2nd half faster than the 1st and I did! But look at the consistency in my pace, that is even throughout lots of elevation change.

Mile 1 = 8:28
Mile 2 = 8:41
Mile 3 = 8:34
Mile 4 = 8:33
Mile 5 = 8:31
Mile 6 = 8:36
Mile 7 = 8:38
Mile 8 = 8:38
Mile 9 = 7:50
Mile 10 = 7:40

Overall pace = 8:28 (whoo hoo!)
1st half pace = 8:30
2nd half pace = 8:16

I felt really great the whole time. It is such a confidence boost when you have a good run.

News on the toenails - I think they're destined for heaven. They're getting darker and looks like they're shriveling up. I know its gross, but for some reason I'm really fascinated by it. (Its the screen saver on my phone right now - disgusting.)

I bought another pair of my same shoes today. My current ones are at 250 and I'd like to have a newish pair for the race, so I'm going to start breaking them in. I also bought my first real "technical" sports bra today. I am really fussy about having my chest in place while I run and it bothers me if I feel like I'm moving around anywhere in that region. My solution so far has been to double, sometimes triple, up on the sports bras. I decided to give it a shot and spend some coin ($45) on a fancy one. This has hooks in the back, a crossover type strapping mechanism and molded cups. Here's what it looks like:

I still need to figure out what I'm wearing for race day, where to place family/friends along the course, where to eat the night before (thinking Pasta Bowl, right next to my old apt and one of my favorite restaurants), what to eat/drink during the race, how to set up my Garmin, what socks to wear, how fast to run, where to sleep the night before, how to get to the start, who will pick up my race packet for me......ahh! So much to think about. I'm finding that lately all I want to do is talk to people about running. I could hardly contain myself with the sales guy at the running store - I wanted to ask him if he could sit down for coffee with me. I'm nuts.

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Marathon Maritza said...

Oh my gosh, only 4 weeks! How exciting!

Glad you got a good technical sports bra, just make sure to load up on the sports bras always chafe up 'my girls'

You're going great!!!!