Monday, April 27, 2009

11 mile Tempo Run

I was really not looking forward to this run. I had already postponed it a day and didn't even think I would make it out the door on a Monday. I've been a little down on my longer tempo runs lately and worried I couldn't run as fast as I was supposed to and dreading the disappointment. I decided before I went out that it was okay if I had to cut it short or go slower. That kind of gave me some comfort and helped me get out the door.

The first 2 miles were easy and felt fine. As I picked it up on Mile 3 for the 1st tempo mile I couldn't quite feel out the pace and ran it way too fast: 7:08. WTF. Anyway, by the 2nd tempo mile I was hurting - stomach cramped and just feeling crappy all together. I actually had to stop at the start of tempo mile 2 to gather myself. I took off my shirt at this point too cause I was getting hot. I was about to start on Springwater and calculated out where I should turn around on the path to make it home by mile 10. (This will come into play later.)

The next few miles I was able to get into my groove which was awesome. I hit the following paces:

Tempo mile 2 = 7:30 (171 bpm)
Tempo mile 3 = 7:40 (171 bpm)
Tempo mile 4 = 7:37 (172 bpm)
Tempo mile 5 = 7:26 (176 bpm)
Tempo mile 6 = 7:18 (181 bpm)

(Paces were supposed to be btwn 7:30 and 7:40.) I was only supposed to do 6 tempo miles but I decided to add one on. For one thing, I was feeling great. Much greater than at the start of the run. After the turn around on the path back toward home I realized that I had mis-calculated and would be going 11 miles total. I also had the wind at my back so the last couple of tempo miles felt easier. One more thing - the rain had begun to POUND (by Portland standards) on me. This not only made me want to get home quicker, but inspired me to no end. I love running in the rain and especially passionate rain like this. It was driving down and felt like a nice midwest thunderstorm (w/o the lightening). Even the hardcore Portland bikers were taking refuge under cover. I was soaked to the bone and had good tunes on the ipod and felt kind of invincible. So, I added on another tempo mile:

Tempo mile 7 = 7:17 (181 bpm)

The last two miles home were quite borderline okay. The rain let up a bit but not too much. I was pretty cold at this point and totally soaked to the bone. My shoes were like heavy sponges.

I got home and took some pics of myself to post one day. I looked hair likes to snarl itself into a little ponytail ball when its raining out. But now that I've taken a warm shower I'm all cozied up and listening to the rain still coming down outside. It is so nice. I love spring.

Miles = 11.08
Pace = 7:50
BPM = 168


jen said...

Amazing run Emily. :)

J said...

I hate rain runs when my hair gets all snarled and stuff! Great job on the tempo run!

Zach said...

I remember looking outside last night and thinking I was glad I wasn't out running :) Nice job getting out and on the road.

the gazelle said...

sounds awesome! I love the rain - and it did rain so hard yesterday, it was almost midwesty...

great tempo run!

JoeyM27 said...

So jealous of your times! Way to stick to it. It's pouring out now in Seattle and if my foot weren't broken, I probably still wouldn't be outside running