Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bunny Day

Yo. Happy Easter.

I've been pretty much sticking to my training plan but there have been some deviations. I am going to sit down and assess my training over the past month and analyze performance. Performance as in: how close I stuck to the plan and time spent training. This will all go into further analysis of whether I can fit this type of training into my lifestyle. Paralysis by analysis.

Yesterday I had a tough day - I could motivate myself to get my workout done. I had 1,900 yds in the pool followed by 2 hours on the bike. My bike isn't ready so I had to use the spin bikes at the gym. The thought of being in a dark gym by myself for 3 hours was really depressing. I spent a ton of time yesterday putting together pictures of my spouse to be and me to put on our wedding website. Who knew how long this would take? Hours, I tell you. It was a nice walk down memory lane and all, but I didn't get out until about 6 p.m. to START this workout. At this point I'd already missed out on family fun and easter egg hunts happening on the other side of town. That coupled with forgetting my Garmin after leaving for the gym and having to walk back...just sucked. I almost quit and went home, but figured I'd already screwed myself, I may as well get in my workout so it wasn't all for naught.

So, I jumped in the pool and did an easy 1,200 (took maybe 20 min?) followed by 500 kicks (alternating free/breast every 25), then 200 cool down.

Then I changed into my biking stuff and went into the dark empty spin room and started cranking it out. I listened to a full episode of Fresh Air, then This American Life....I almost made it to the full 2 hours, but just couldn't do it. It wasn't so much the boredom (although I was really REALLY bored) but the empty stomach and hunger. Prior to this I'd eaten 2 bagels, some tortilla chips and a pancake - all day. I should have had more and/or brought some nutrition with me to have while on the bike but I didn't. So I ended the fun at 90 minutes and called it a day.

Today is a 12 mile tempo run: 2 miles warm up Z1/Z2, 3 miles @ 7:15, 2 miles @ Z2, 3 miles at 7:15, then 2 miles cool down @ Z1/Z2. Sweet! I'm planning to get it out of the way early so I can enjoy the rest of the day.

Hope the buny was good to you today! Not like the Donnie Darko bunny above which haunts me.


Anonymous said...

Definitely sounds like a tough workout mentally; awesome job!

Sarah said...

the only way I could have done that was if the episodes of Fresh Air were the interviews with Rainn Wilson, Jason Segal, and James Franco. Those are my favorite interviews. Good effor though!

the gazelle said...

that's still pretty damn impressive! I hope your run this morning was good & the weather held for you.

Susan said...

That is a LONG time to spend on a bike!

Amy said...

Definitely bring stuff to eat on longer workouts like that. I always have cliff blocks on me and it really helps. Great job knocking it out, I would have for sure skipped.