Friday, April 17, 2009



Yes, today is Friday and that's as far as my creativeness for the title.

I am slightly hungover from a fun time last night, but I'm making it through the day surprisingly well. Today is an off day and for that I'm grateful. However, some strange phenomena is overtaking me this week. I'M SORE. Like really sore all through my lower half - ankles & calves but especially my quads and glutes. Even a little bit in my arms. What the what?

I don't understand why this is happening. It is my easy week and I haven't done anything bad or wrong. I smiled at the runaway asking me for change instead of looking straight ahead like I normally do. I gave Zach a vintage French edition Playboy for his 30th bday. So, why am I being cursed?

I was going to have my next post be my analysis of forecast vs. actual workouts but I haven't finished it yet. (Too much of my week has already been spent analyzing shit for work, so I'm burned out.) I'll just go ahead and give you the run down of my workouts this week:

M = easy 5 miles
T = swim (1200) + bike (hour)
W = track workout
Th = easy 5 miles
F = (today) OFF

This was an easy week for me because of the race this weekend. I do have goals for this race, but after my sucktastic run last weekend I'm not sure I can hit 7:15 miles. Plus I'm uber sore and hungover and going to another party tonight. Not prime conditions to knock one outta the park is it? This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous out again and I'm just planning on enjoying myself. We might go for a good hike in the gorge tomorrow too (which will be great but leave me even more sore on Sunday). I just want to have fun at the race, enjoy some free brewskis after and start preparing for .....




Alisa said...

I'm an octo-aunt too =).

So fun last night...I'm a bit hungover too. Wow two drinks and I'm hungover.

jen said...

I'm also aiming for "fun" on Sunday. Whatevs! Yay Tri season!!

Who are all those babies??

Amy said...

I just saw pictures of the party on FB. Looked like a fun time and definitely worth a "fun run" this weekend. Life happens and it's not all about PR's. Have fun tonight and hang in'll still rock the race.

Sarah said...

I love that everyone seems to be in green! :) I hope you've recovered from the party - I know it took me until chicken soup at 8 to start feeling normal! whoo hoo. See ya Sunday!

Denise said...

I was a little hungover yesterday. I asked Andy why does having fun have to give you a headache the next day. Bleh.

Marathon Maritza said...

Awwww cute babies! Looks like Thursday's fun was worth it though!