Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stomach Issues & Poached Eggs

I am sick of this. What is the problem here? Too much fiber, not enough fiber? Too much water, not enough water? Too much coffee/acid stuff? WHY WHY is my stomach doing this?

I went out for an easy run tonight since I decided not to do my swim workout (hey, the pool heater is broken and its like ice in there). I ran 5 very easy miles and started cramping up around mile 2, then by mile 4ish I was in pain and had to stop and walk for a minute. And it got worse after that.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm going crazy here!

I am going to make this for dinner tonight:


It looks good and aren't poached eggs all the rage now? I've never poached an egg so we'll see. Oh yeah, my recipe will be minus the tofu, onions and garlic. Its basically going to just be couscous, spinach and the egg.

But back to the stomach....seriously, if you can help me out that would be great!


Denise said...

I have a lot of stomach problems on my long runs. I'm usually ok with the shorter runs. I would pay really close attention and take some notes as to what you eat the night/day of a run. Make note if you feel sick that day. Then repeat the food, see if it happens again when you run. That's what I did and realized it was the gels making me sick.

J said...

I have had problems with eating dairy or coffee after running but never really before. Try to track what you are eating and then when you are feeling bad. It may help point you in the right direction.

the gazelle said...

I agree with Denise - just start writing down everything you eat/drink for like 24 hour prior to a long run & see if there are any patterns.

Sorry it's been so sucktacular.

NY Wolve said...

I kind of hate eggs, so I never eat them. I found that pre-run, a piece of hearty bread is just the ticket.
GI issues on long runs are a whole different issue, and may be biological. But for short runs, I stick to basic carbs.

Jess said...

Hope you enjoy the recipe!

I had horrible stomach problems in my last training cycle. Constant trips to the bathroom. Someone told me that their stomach acted that way when their mileage got high. My problems went away during taper, so maybe that was it. I never found out for sure.

Susan said...

I used to get really bad stomach problems in high school, and I finally linked it to eating grapes! I discovered it one summer when I kept having issues, and I realized that the only thing really new to my diet was grapes...since summertime = grape time. Once I stopped eating them, everything was much better! (Pears also have this effect sometimes, but not nearly as bad as long as I don't eat four a day.) Maybe just try to track what you're eating...it might lead to a discovery!

I don't like eggs that have any runny-ness to them, so poached eggs are out! I really only eat them scrambled, but since I work at a breakfast restaurant, there are TONS of people who love their poached eggs!