Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Track Workout, Etc.

Above is a photo of my meal last night - it was actually delicious and felt very nutritious. You may hear me talking more about food on here because I am going to try to focus on what I eat more. I am also going to track what I've eaten on the days I've had stomach issues.

I had limited stomach issues today on my track workout, which was 3 miles of 100s on/off plus warm up cool down.

Miles as follows: 8:54, 7:39, 7:53, 7:56, 8:57
TOTAL: 5.21 miles/8:19 pace
/160 avg HR

I was going to go to spin class but I stopped at the gym to find out the class was much later and since I'd rather go home and finish up work (and maybe eat some peanuts and drink wine?) I decided not to go. I'm still sort of "behind" by one workout since I missed my swim yesterday. I might double up on the bike + swim tomorrow to compensate. I don't think it'll be that hard since both are easy workouts.

I also did push ups tonight: 14/18/14/14, then I was supposed to "max out" after that but didn't. I might wait until later when my arms are fresher. Probably defeats the point but screw em. I did 35 pushups consecutively on 4/20/09 just as a test. I haven't been lifting at all and the only upper body stuff I've gotten is in the pool. I'm not used to seeing my arms this non-defined. I mean, I think they're okay but it is usually my defining feature, pun intended.

Speaking of food, here is what I purchased at the farmer's market opening day today:

Isn't it pretty? I don't know what the hell to do with turnips but I liked the way the samples tasted so figured why not?

I've had a lot of other stuff on my list to write about lately and rather than parse it out into many posts, here it is:

Shoe bonanza:

I bought another pair of Gel Landreths two days before the Race for the Roses. I got the next model, full price cause there weren't any old ones left at a discount. Yay for new shoes! Then the next day at the race packet pickup the same store had a booth and a bunch of inventory - guess what was there? Yep, the old ones @ a discount. I had to buy them at like $40 off of retail, right? So now I'm stocked with 2 pretty new pairs of shoes which will hopefully last quite a while. I had to fully retire the old pair I had - I think I had somewhere between 400-500 miles on them (scary I put that much mileage in over a few months!) and they smelled rancid. How can shoes get to smell so bad? As a note, I decided to go with the regular width this time since I kept having to readjust the B width in the middle of my runs. My laces are tied all fancy now to give me a little more room in the toe box.

Isn't this interesting...? Want me to keep going? Sure, why not.


Ok, who hasn't heard about this yet? My initial reaction is that I WANT IT. I still get a nice (~30%) discount thru work and I love new gear. This one is WATER RESISTANT, so you could actually wear it in the pool. I could bring my love of metrics and measurement to the swimming world! Also, the battery lasts heaps longer and it has a cool design. I don't think it comes out until June, but I'm on pins and needles wanting to try it on. That's the only kicker - you have to try these on for size. I feel guilty because my current Garmin works perfectly fine. But as I mentioned I like new stuff. The other kicker is that it costs $1,395.00. Yeah, I know...a lot, but its probably worth every penny.


I need more stuff, espec for tri season: cool sunglasses, fancy biker-girl tops and socks and stuff, a wetsuit, a tri outfit and some new bathers for training. My wedding dress is going to be strapless, so does anyone know of sports bras, swimming gear that doesn't have straps? How atrocious would I be walking down the aisle looking all striped. Something to think about. I'd love to manage marathon training all summer long in a tube top.


Did I mention this hike in the gorge that we went on after the 10k the other day? OMG, I was gorgeous and the day was gorgeous. If you're in the area I highly highly recommend. Crap, I haven't uploaded any pics yet....that will have to come later.


Another crap ass race picture from the Bridge to Brews 10k. This was near the end and going downhill. I remember seeing the guy and I thought I mustered a smile. Or not.


Susan said...

$1,395 for a garmin?? I think my 205 works just fine! I can only imagine what training for a marathon in a tube top would be like, and I'm not exactly well-endowed. But it would help with the sports bra tan I've already got going...

aron said...

omg 1395!!! yikes!! i do like the look though :)

Marathon Maritza said...

Oh god, I love gear! That's expensive but Garmins are an investment, so if you'll use the crap out of it.....

But more importantly, you need to email me a pic of your dress (preferrably of you IN it!) since I was not there to be your dress buddy and cry over every single one you tried on.

In retrospect, that was probably a good thing for you.


J said...

That sure is alot for a garmin! I hope that tracking what you eat helps you to figure out the stomach issues!

Those veggies look really good!

Joel Rosinbum said...

Hey, I think you've got an extra $1000 in that garmin price (

I'll be investing in one as soon as they come out! said...

Nice job on the little meal there!

I just found a cool site, they have a ton of stuff for women (which is rare) and its discounted! So you can save for your ridiculously priced Garmin...

Denise said...

Oh, look at the garmin!! I want one, too!!

the gazelle said...

I, too, thought I'd smiled for the bridge photographer, but I think I was a second too late. Also my bridge pic makes me look like I'm smuggling a polter-whang in my capris.

I am desperately in need of some running tanks, but fortunately, I am NOT getting married this summer, so no worries about crappy tan lines.

I have shoes for you tomorrow! And the dinner looks fantastic - I think that's what we'll be having tonight!

RunToFinish said...

oh waterproof how very exciting!! I am not sure if mine is waterproof but it goes in the rain...not the pool. well i suppose it jsut depends on where yo uwant to spend your dough... wedding...garmin :)

Jess said...

You took a much nicer picture of that meal than I did!

Sarah said...

I love photo posts. They are some of my favorite things. So,good job! And I'm hungry and want rice right now. but I'm going to go eat wings and beer and watch the Timbers! too bad you're not going with me. . .