Sunday, April 12, 2009

Insane in the Membrane

I had a suck ass run this morning - my worst to date. I was supposed to do the 12 mile phased tempo run that I mentioned this morning. Two three mile sessions of 7:15 miles. No. No f'ing way.

About halfway through I decided to cut off the last 2 miles. One reason is because I wanted to get back for Easter dinner (at 1 p.m.?) and by this point in the run I felt really tired and had already missed my times. Anyway, here are the splits:

8:14, 8:32, 6:56 (downhill), 7:35, 7:30, 8:37, 8:47, 7:46, 7:36, 7:29

Avg was 7:54/160 HR.

I did my swim/bike last night late so maybe that had to do with it?

Anyway...I am a little bummed about it but I guess that happens sometimes? I am pretty sure that I don't ever need humbling in my life. But this gave it to me on a silver platter. I'm not that pissed or beat up about it, but feel like I'm getting to a turning point in my training. It could be good, could be bad, but its something.

I hope I can hang on. I'm a classic case of all or nothing and looking back I consider the past 6 months to be pretty much ON. I don't want to just stop flat out. I'm always worried that I will do that and I desperately don't want that to happen. I think the races that I have planned out will keeping me on until July. After the last triathlon in July I have a 3 month lag until the Portland marathon. During that time I'll also be in the final stages of wedding planning so I know it will be hectic.


Holy matzo balls - I also tried out the Trigger Point again tonight for the first time in a long time and it was sooooo tough. I need to make an effort to do more of this.

To make this post even more stream of consciousness I will continue.... Speaking of efforts/goals, I have totally dropped off of my vitamin routine! Last week when my stomach issues were broiling I just couldn't handle the idea of swallowing those pills. This will I will be much more effective with my nutrition therefore be FINE with taking the horse pill nasty vitamins.

Speaking more about goals...I have clearly been lax with updating goals weekly so am going to have to develop a different strategy there. Maybe monthly goals? The original purpose of my goals was to develop habits and most of those habits have formed and become engrained. Some new habits I'd love to start enforcing are: weight training (or push ups at least), core strength and stretching/PT.

I really hope my upcoming week doesn't kick my ass like last week did. Here's the plan:

M = 5 mi easy, yoga optional
T = swim (1200), 1 hr bike (recovery)

W= track workout (easy)

Th = 5 mi easy run


Sa = easy swim (1200)

Sun = 10k Bridge to Brews race

Don't get me started on goals for the 10k. I just wanna survive baby! Plus, I've never done a 10k so I'm automatically breaking some sort of record. Even a DNF is a record!!

I just got the following email from my coach:

Don't worry about it Emily. Things have been harder lately and you just came off a 5K PR. Remember that. You are still adjusting to the Tri training and sometimes running times can suffer a bit due to the extra effort being place on other sports. You are doing great and next week is a recovery week, so you'll have some time to rest up. Keep your head up killer and remember what I told you concerning performance improvements and progressions.

Thanks Shawn! I needed that.

I mentioned yesterday that I was busy compiling every single picture that Josh and I had taken together over the past 5 years...I just had to leave you with some. I became pretty sentimental after looking through all of these and realize that, despite the fact that I can hear him sleeping (snoring and, sadly, burping) right now I know that he's the guy! I am so happy and lucky.

Lou Malnati's pizza - Chicago 2004

Wells Street - 4th of July weekend - Chicago 2004

Josh's Portland marathon finish - October 2008

Kissing under the arch in Ann Arbor December 2008

Seattle - sometime in 2007

Mariners game - 2008

Josh finishing Mountains to Sound 2008

Friends' wedding in Michigan - summer 2008

Chicago - 2005

I hope you people are more ready for this week than I am!



Anonymous said...

I totally love that last pic. Looks like you guys have a lot of fun.

jen said...

Great photos. That last one is awesome. :)

I can't believe you are that upset about that run!! You did great. Shawn has really ramped up what was already an agressive plan (in my opinion) because he wants to push you... and you can't necessarily meet every single workout goal. You're still insanely fast and will do great in all your races. Keep up the good work!

Denise said...

What adorable pictures!!! You two are so cute together!

the gazelle said...

I ditto what Jen said - you are being pushed HARD! You are doing a great job, and there is nothing to be upset about.

I know that you're going to kill each & every one of your goals this year, because you are a super speedy crazy lady! Also, if you run the 10K at your crappy (ha!) Easter run pace, you would've placed 10th in our age group at last year's Bridge 10K....and that doesn't COMPLETELY suck :)

cute pics, too! :)

Sarah said...

You guys are adorable. I'm glad you found Your One!

John said...

Hello, Emily! Great blog - I found it through Jen's blog (which I found through my friend Beth's blog...). Just wanted to say that you kids make a cute couple - congrats on the coming nuptuals.

PS - love that Portland marathon pic with the girl off to the side chowing down on the banana. Priceless!

Susan said...

Those pictures are so cute! You two look like a really fun couple.

You are going to have an awesome year, and you just had an awesome 5k! Like you said, you've been "on" for the past few months, and you can't let one workout get you down. Those will happen from time to time, and they make the great workouts even better!

Marathon Maritza said...

I was waiting to see how the Titanic picture tied into your post and then you went and did it. Bravo. *Standing ovation* Too funny!

I love those pics of you and J! You guys have been spreading the love all across the US of A....Love it!

And you did great last week, so keep it up! You're way too hard on're doing AWESOME!

Amy said...

Hey Emily - I'm finally catching up in Blogworld and think you had an awesome run. Those times are super fast! Despite not feeling well and getting mad, everyone has those runs. And that's what makes the "good" ones so good. Because they're mixed in with crappy ones. Hang in there.

Loved the pictures too. Looks like you guys were made for each other.