Sunday, March 22, 2009

11 Miles Long

I woke up and did my 11 miles right away this a.m. - after coffee and toast w/jam + one glass of water. I started this run less than 12 hours from my hard tempo run last night. The first four miles were a breeze - time was flying and I had my ipod on shuffle and it was coming up with some good stuff. About mile 5 after my turnaround I started feeling heavy - legs became a little leaden and last night's run was catching up to me. It still wasn't too horrible and I stuck it out until mile 9 when it became a struggle. Hips knees and most everything was sore and I wasn't looking forward to my last uphill mile. I made it home at just 11 miles and was happy to stop. Here are my splits:

Mile 1 = 6:13/146 bpm
Mile 2 = 7:49/164 bpm
Mile 3 = 7:58/166 bpm
Mile 4 = 7:54/169 bpm
Mile 5 = 7:54/171 bpm
Mile 6 = 7:46/173 bpm
Mile 7 = 7:59/172 bpm
Mile 8 = 7:44/175 bpm
Mile 9 = 7:42/171 bpm
Mile 10 = 8:04/172 bpm
Mile 11 = 8:47/171 bpm

TOTAL = 11.01 miles/1:25:54/7:48 pace/168 bpm

The first mile recorded could not have been right. I don't know what happened here unless I was really busting it on the first downhill? Who knows. I'm hoping it didn't skew my final pace by that much. Mile 4 I ran into these gals and had a nice chat and Mile 8 I ran into this one! This is a small town and there is such a high volume of runners here - I love it! You can see that I totally bonked in the last mile, but whatever - I had a good excuse with the recent hard run last night and all the fast miles. I'm okay with it.

I'd planned to spend the day driving to the gorge w/my sister and niece which is part of the reason I ran so fast. I got home to find my sister totally enveloped in the midst of the flu and not going anywhere. I feel horrible - she's been in bed all day and completely wiped out. She's diabetic so I keep checking to make sure her blood sugar doesn't blow up. In the meantime I'm babysitting a 5 year old and trying to get stuff done. My lovely niece refuses to get out of her PJs and won't put on a jacket so I can't even drive around and run errands. I've totally given up however and let her have ice cream for lunch. I'm not going to lie - I'm bummed out about the way this weekend has turned out and I'm worried I will get this flu next. I am hoping that my current tired state is from today's run and not the start of the flu.


Alisa said...

Yikes, sorry your sister is sick! I feel like I might be coming down with yet another cold, I feel like I'm always sick, it sucks. Hopefully you're tired-ness is from two hard runs back-to-back.

It is always fun to see all of you guys running. I love it! You always look happy speeding by with your ponytail flapping in the wind. I'm getting really excited about the wine party.

jen said...

Wow, amazing pace on that run!! That's cool you ran into people out on the trail. :)

Sorry your sis is sick, hang in there!

Sarah said...

Oh man! No fun - although I'm sure you just became the Best Aunt EVER! Ice cream for lunch! Honestly. I'd love you. . .

Denise said...

Stay healthy...purell, purell, purell!!

the gazelle said...

I'm sure the tiredness is from the back-to-back runs & taking care of a 5 year old!

It really is so much fun to run into people I know on the trails!

Zach said...

Vroom Vroom Party Starter!!! Way to knock out those speedy miles so soon after your tempo run. Way to push through to the end even when you started feeling tired.

P.O.M. said...

Oh yikes. O.D. on the Vit. C.

RunToFinish said...

hope your sis is feeling better! I think the run looks great for having such tired legs!!