Saturday, March 14, 2009

Swimming Again

Things I dislike about swimming:
  1. having to count
  2. commissioning and decommissioning myself for a measly 30 minute workout
  3. 24 hour fitness "wet areas" - do you really have to post signs reminding me to stay clothed? And why does it always smell like someone broke open a bottle of cologne?
  4. sharing a lane
  5. no garmins allowed
  6. tight face after I dry off
  7. no context for speed, form...yet
Things I like about swimming:
  1. weightlessness
  2. I'm comfortable in the water
  3. aero- and aqua-dynamicity
  4. using new muscles
  5. I've got lots of room to improve
  6. change of pace
  7. Because I want to look like that when I grow up
Both of these lists could probably go on and on. I did two swim workouts this week in the pool:
  • Friday = Warm up: 100 free, 100 kick; Main: 500 steady state (did it in 9:00 flat); Cool down: 200 anything (I alternated breast/free) TOTAL = 900m
  • Saturday = Warm up: 300 free, 100 kick; Main: 800 steady state (did it in 14:40); Cool down: 100 kick, 300 anything (I alternated breast/free) TOTAL = 1600m
I don't even know what to say about these workouts? I have no analysis, partly because I analyze while I'm actually working out, but with swimming all I do is count. It doesn't really feel hard and I don't think I'm getting my HR up that much. I think once I start focusing less on my running races my pool workouts will become more challenging...along with the dimensions of my traps! (I have this great picture from my sophomore year on the swim team where I'm doing a pull up in the water on the diving board. I'm a squirrely kid at this time but my arms/back/shoulders are downright scary.)

After my short Friday swim I changed into running stuff and ran about 40 minutes outside. I ran into Jen and Zach which was fun because I haven't seen them in a long time. Everyone's feeling fine and dandy for the Shamrock run tomorrow!


Denise said...

That's just not fair...I want her genes!

Alisa said...

I would be happy to help "analyze" your form or swim sometime. I did some coaching and have swum pretty much my whole life =).

I didn't get to the pool this week but will be back on track next week =).

Who doesn't want to be that hot when they are 40?!

KK said...

I like your lists and agree about how annoying the counting is-it makes it really hard to zone out like we can while running or riding.

Did you run too this am? Hope it went well!

Amy said...

Um that picture is ridiculous.

I hate counting (or miscounting as I often do) and the tight face syndrome too! Ugh.

Hope the run went well!

Sarah said...

Good attitude about swimming! And I'll never look like her and am OK with it!

Side note - good job today!