Monday, March 09, 2009


It is my last night in Playa del Carmen and I decided I am ready to come home. I just made the mistake of checking my work email and it bummed me out. However, it is time to face la musica dammit.

I kept up with my workout plan for the most part. Today I ran 10 miles and it was actually cool and rainy and nice out. I did it as soon as I got up, which I´m reluctantly finding out is the best time to run. I managed 8:40 miles with a 163 avg bpm and it felt easy and good. I´m still sore on my calves from running tip toed in the sand a few days ago.

I tried to go out in the ocean to do another swim but it was too rough and the guys on the jet skis were going to too close. I wish I felt more comfortable with swimming in those conditions but I don´t!

I can´t wait to get home into cleanliness and comfort and routine and my peeps. I will be upset when my skin and tan all falls off though. I will have more training tales and stats to report on when I return as well as photos. I may not get to this until the weekend since apparently there is a shit storm brewing at work.

This weekend is also a 5k race! I haven´t done one in years and am looking forward to it.


RunToFinish said...

yeah checking the work email is always a vaca killer. way to go on the running!

Alisa said...

Um, did anyone tell you it snowed here today? Enjoy the Mexican sunshine while you can and if at all possible, bring some home please =).

See you this weekend!

kristen said...

Smart decision on nixing the ows. I didn't think about that fact that you would be surrounded by drunk tourists operating watercraft.

Sarah said...

Yeah Shamrck Run! Yeah you're coming home!

Denise said...

I hate coming back to reality from vacation. Have a safe trip home.

Amanda said...

Way to work out on vacay. I hope you have a smooth transition back to the real world when you get home.