Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vacation Recap

I had a great time con mi madre in Mexico for my "bachelorette party." We spent a day driving to and touring Chichen Itza where I was crammed between two Spanish brothers that didn't speak any English. It was awesome. I took several years of Spanish and now basically know nothing. I kept asking the traditional questions that you learn your first week in Spanish class (Where are you from? How old are you? How much for these bananas?). I did well enough to learn that one of them had run the Seville Marathon and wants to run New York and London and his ex-girlfriend runs professionally. So I guess I'm not that bad but who knows what I sounded like to them. Running is the international language, no?

I kept up with running pretty well while I was there - the only day I deviated was for my 6 miler on the day we toured C. Itza. It took much longer than I anticiapted (13 hours total) and by the time I got home was beat. I tacked on 5 miles to the next day's run and did 10.

Below are some fragmented notes from the paper journal I kept during the trip; my apologies on tense deviations and general blabbiness. Remember this log is mostly for my record:
  • Wednesday - off day for travel
  • Thursday - Today´s run was in Mexico! Weather was hot and I started at 10 am. The first 2 miles were easy and I struggled thru the tempo miles...7:25 and 7:45. The heat started getting to me. The last two miles were really tough and I could not go slow enough to get my heart rate down. It kind of sucked at the end. I ended up feeling really crappy for the rest of the day including now and think its dehydration. I am trying to chug, but basically have thrown everything up that I´ve eaten and nothing sounds good! I will do my best to get healthy for tomorrow...6 miles easy w-some 30 second spurts thrown in. Hasta luego! TOTAL MILES = 6.07 (8:50 avg/176 HR)
  • Friday - More heat today but the run was slow so that was nice. I had to run sooo slow to keep my HR down. I actually had to stop a couple of times. How do people do it in this heat? Seriously. I brought a bottle of water with me this time which helped. Then I drank a huge mango smoothie afterward. I got sick yesterday so played it smarter today. No margarita post-run and plenty of food before and after. I suck. But i´m getting tan...! TOTAL MILES = 6 (9:19 avg/172 HR)
  • Saturday - this was my beach run/open water swim day. Ahhh, so much to say about this as it was quite interesting. I have NO idea how far I ran, but did so for 25 minutes barefoot on the beach. Let´s just say that beach running is awkward! I had fun though, except I didn´t do the full workout. The reason is because I´m a total pussy. I felt really weird in the water and apprehensive. I was supposed to do 5 sets of run-swim but only did 2. I got a massage today which was great! Only $25 for an hour! I might do one again before I leave because...why not? But back to the beach running - I have no business trotting around on the shoreline Baywatch-style, but I actually felt great once I got in the groove. I had on my 2-piece fun bather, then added my speedo top over it to combat bounciness. I knew I would never see any of those people again so it was awesome to just go with the flow and crank out the run. I felt strong and healthy and not as tired on beach runs in past years. Yay! TOTALS = who knows?
  • Sunday - nada
  • Monday - Perfect running weather in the low 70s and a little drizzle. The sun came out right after too! TOTAL MILES = 10 miles (8:40/164 bpm)
  • Tuesday - off day for travel
I spend some good time on the beach although I never really felt like I was in the sun the whole day. I read a book (The Orchid Thief) and got an hour-long $25 massage on the beach. I slept approx 9 hours + every night. I relaxed and "bonded" with my mom. It was fun, but I am so glad to be home.

The last night I hung out with the Georgetown Boys Rugby Team. Yes, I said boys. Commentary from that 20 minute experience as follows:

a. I am ten years older than you
b. I am engaged
c. The words "So, what are you and your mom drinking?" have never been uttered to me before and never shall be again.

They were sweet and having a great time

Then I was roofed and got kidnapped.

(Sorry about the lack of pics - I'm lazy and will have them up sometime later.)


Abby said...

Orchid Thief - great vacation reading!

Denise said...

I'm so impressed with the workouts you got in. That is some serious dedication!!

Love the part about you and your mom hanging out with the boys. That's sweet you went on vaca w/ your mom. I bet she loved it!

the gazelle said...

'what are you & your mom drinking' - hee!

It's weird to think that people 10 years younger than us can be drinking.....shouldn't they be in Kindergarten?

Way to go with the workouts - I am so jealous of your vacay!

jen said...

Sounds like a great trip! Can't wait to see photos. I would love to take a getaway with my mom someday. :)

Welcome home! It won't be that warm here for months.

Sarah said...

I just snorted at my desk. What are you and your mom drinking?


RunToFinish said...

hehe i feel like i should still be in college...but no. what a fantastic vaca so glad you made the decision to go live it up!