Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Track Workout - 1000 repeats

Probably my final post for a while. I feel like such a brat for going on this trip. I really don't deserve it but I justified it somehow. I am sure I'll stop feeling guilty the minute the first sip of a margarita hits my lips!

Last night I did an easy 5 mile run. My last program had my easy runs at only 3 miles and the difference is significant. Its not that it is harder, it is just more of a time commitment for an easy run. And as we all know, time is money. Anyway, I did it, and here are the deets:

Miles = 5.00
Pace = 9:23
Avg HR = I don't know because I didn't wear my monitor

Today was my first track workout in ages. I missed it. It is always fun to see what kind of activity you'll find down at the public track. Today there was a group that looked like a class learning to sprint? I don't know what was going on....but they had a video camera that I made several cameos on as I ran past. (Do you ever wonder how many times you've been caught on someone else's camera? I wish I could see an archive of every image I've been part of.)

The workout was 4x1000 in 4:20 with 3:00 rests in between. My splits:

4:25/181 bpm
4:15/181 bpm
4:11/180 bpm
4:11/184 bpm

I found that I was not in speed workout mode when I started the first interval. Running fast felt hard so I slacked. I kind of forgot what the speed workouts were all about, but quickly regained and ended up feeling like I got in a good workout. I am still learning how to pace, but after I went slow on the first one I had a good sense of what I should be doing.

New plan: Shawn reworked my schedule and it now includes everything I could hope for on a tropical beach getaway! I am really excited to run on the beach, swim in the ocean and do pushups in the sand. I will take pics and report back as much as possible! I am really excited.

Pains: Blister on my achilles that is causing bleeding - my shoes look disgusting. And it hurts while I'm running. Ankle is still messed up. I think it is a tendon and have a feeling there is nothing I can really do about it. Now I have some weird soreness in the ball of my foot below toe #2. And my left knee hurts.

HGTV: Some dude named Bert is coming over tonight to tape a casting video of us. My SO is NOT happy and doesn't want any part of this. I don't know how I feel. I think it'll be fun to at least do the video and see what happens. I'm sure we'll be flattered if they ask us to do the show, but we may end up turning it down. Did anyone watch the newest episode of "My First Place" on Sunday? The couple was either really dorky ("well, I am getting my MBA so this is a perfect time for me to be negotiating!") or the show made them look like it. I'm guessing it is the former as I doubt the producers asked the guy to dress in chambray separates for 2 different shoots. Come on people! I wonder if they have googled me and are reading this blog now....

Off to pack! My cab to the airport arrives before 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning so you can get I'll be getting to bed early tonight. Wish me luck! And if my plane crashes I bequeath my blog to all of you.


the gazelle said...

I am still jealous of your mexico trip - especially since I was SUPPOSED to be there last week for my birthday. Ah, well - have some sun & mexican food for me, please!

So fun about the casting tape - sorry that your HTB is not into it! Just remind him that it could be worse - it could be a game show.

RunToFinish said...

oh just tell him to have fun with it, come on free stuff...good advice!!

enjoy the wonderful trip

Denise said...

Eeehhh, I hate comments about planes crashing! Be safe and have a safe flight. Enjoy the cocktails and have a few for me.

And don't turn the show down, it will be fun! You can act/be anyone you want to!! And mention your blog, then you definitely won't sound like a dork!! :-)

Alisa said...

Have a great time livin' it up in Mexico!

jen said...

"chambray separates" Bah!! That was by far the highlight/lowlight of the show. Terrible.

Have a fun trip and don't feel guilty even for a second!! We'll miss you!

KK said...

trip? I am totally out of the loop-where are you going? sounds fun. and nice. and relaxing. can I come?!

Nice splits on the speedworkout.

Amy said...

I am DYING at the HGTV part and the "bequeath my blog" part. LOL. I want you guys to get picked SO bad for tell the SO to put a sock in it. They will make you look cool AND they buy you new furniture at the end! Can't beat that. Even if you don't like it, you can sell it?

Have fun in Mexico.

Oh, and good workouts. I would also like to see my cameo's on other people's cameras.

kristen said...

Have fun in Mex. Anxious to hear about your OWS.