Saturday, March 28, 2009

Switcharoo (9 mile tempo)

Since my whole week of training has been slapped up, flipped and turned around I decided that this weekend would be no exception. I had a swim + bike, but swapped it with tomorrow's long/hard 9 mile run. I knew I'd be in better shape to focus on the run today than tomorrow when I'm potentially hungover!

So now that I've moved my "easy" workout tomorrow I have free license to get blackout drunk tonight - whoo hoo! Because nothing spells out class like blacking out at a wine tasting party.

I spent a totally awesome morning TCBing in my apartment. I listened to old school rap most of the time and its kept a smile on my face all day. My roommate also gave me an unsolicited compliment this morning which made me happy too. After 5 years he's maybe starting to get it? I don't need too much coddling, just a little every so often lasts a long time.

So, back to today's workout...9 miles - 2.5 warm up zone 1-2, 4 miles tempo @ 7:25, 2.5 miles cool down @ Z1-2. Here's how the sheeyot went down:

Warm up = 2.5 miles @ 8:04 pace (bpm 135)
Tempo miles = 7:30, 7:29, 7:42, 7:07 (bpm 170)
Cool down = 2.5 miles @ 8:45 pace (bpm 164)

TOTAL = 9 miles @ 8:03

This run wasn't terrible but wasn't great. The first two miles of the tempo were tough - right into the wind. Then the 3rd mile is where I turned around so I figured it'd be much faster w/the wind at my back. Apparently I took it too easy because I went slower @ 7:42. Pissed with that mile I cranked out the last one in 7:07. The last 2.5 were sort of painful; it was cold and rainy out and I just wanted to be home and warm. Anyway, it is done! I think I can and need to do better on my next tempo. It was challenging but I think I can psyche myself up even MORE and hit 7:25 on each mile.

Now I'm back to listening to Ja Rule, about to take a shower, get a pedi, go to Trader Joe's and get this shin dig started.


the gazelle said...

sounds like a pretty awesome tempo! too bad about this morning's weather, though! It'll probably be beautiful tomorrow, now that we all got our runs over today.

and YAY for passing out at a wine tasting party! woo!

Carlee said...

Sounds like a pretty good run. I wish I was brave enough to get a pedi with these nasty toes!

Denise said...

Now that sounds like a fun wine tasting party!!

Great job with the run!

Alisa said...

Super fun party!

Awesome tempo miles.

You had quite the weekend!!