Friday, March 13, 2009

Track Workout - mile repeats

Ok, so only TWO mile repeats but that is more than one so...

This was Wednesday's workout and I was fresh off the flight from Mexico, so wore tiny running shorts to show off my tan at the track. Cause I'm superficial like that. Of course the sun had gone down and I froze most of the time but at least the world got to see my legs.

The workout was to be 1 mile x 2 with 3:00 rest in between. Target pace for each mile was 7:05 and I came under on both:

1st mile = 6:48 (182 bpm)
2nd mile = 6:54 (187 bpm)

I had written the 200 splits for a 7:00 mile on my hand so was able to track how close I got. Next time I might hit the lap button on the 200s to check out my splits later and see how evenly I paced throughout the mile. I know I slowed down in the middle then sped back up at the end. Pacing is a constant issue with me. I'm not terrible but I'm not good. I feel good about this workout and ready for the 5k on Sunday.

Thursday's workout was 90 minutes steady state on the bike - staying in Zone 1-2 (under 158 bpm). I decided to incorporate a spin class here so I wouldn't get bored. My real bike needs a tune up and air, so I did it all inside and you know how boring that is. The spin class was about 52 minutes long so I did some more before and after. Unfortunately I blew my HR, even being an underachiever in spin...average was about 162 for the 90 minutes. Not by too much, but oops.

Today is a swim + run, then tomorrow is another swim and Sunday the 5k. I haven't done a 5k in ages and have no clue what will happen. I'd like to finish in under 23:00 but we'll see. No idea.

I've been slow to update here because work is going at rapid fire pace again. There is just too much to do to keep up. I've initiated a no-personal email/internet rule during the day so I can be more efficient with work. It is working, but I'm losing track of my blogs and my own log! I haven't even posted my vacation pics to FB yet...what is wrong with me??


aron said...

woo great job on the speedy repeats :)

good luck at your 5k!!!

Zach said...

With mile repeats like those you should break 22:00 no problem.

jen said...

Way to go on the track work! I bet it was the sexy tan that gave you an extra boost.

Good luck on Sunday, you'll do great I am sure! :)

Sarah said...

Um, I ran in shorts this week myself and all I could think was - damn, girl! those legs are WHITE! I really need to go to Mexico.

Alisa said...

I'm with Sarah...I ran in my running skirt on Friday and decided I need a spray tan, BADLY!

I'd like to start incorporating some track work into my schedule but am pretty intimidated by it.

You'll definitely break your 23 min goal...didn't you sustain faster min per mile on the half in Vancouver?