Friday, March 27, 2009

Me & My Homies

Yesterday I was supposed to do a swim workout followed by 1:15 on the bike. The bike was something having to do with intervals and zones and stuff but I decided to bag any thought going into it and go to spin instead. I had to do the swim first so that I could go home as soon as spin was over with to shower and head to the Blazers game. My work call lasted late so I missed any oppty to swim and had to depend on spin. I got there 20 minutes early and of course the class was already full. I decided to roll the dice and just try to hop on a bike, but hopped on the stair machine first to do something since I had skipped my spin. (Talk about run-on sentences.) I managed to get a bike in spin so that was fortunate. It was a tough workout and I stayed on an extra 15 minutes to make it about 1:15.

Oh yeah, this workout is the one from Tuesday that I missed so decided to do on Thursday.

Then I went to the bball game and drank two huge beers and had 2 soft pretzels with nacho cheese for dinner. I was kinda drunk when I got home. My stomach felt bad and I couldn't get to sleep - when I finally did I was woken up every 15 minutes with snoring from someone else and delirium on my part. I had crazy ass dreams too that I can never share with anyone.

Rewind a second - Tuesday night I took the Ambien and didn't get to sleep as easily as I had imagined. Then I felt kind of groggy all day. Wtf? I thought this was supposed to be a miracle drug.

So then today, Friday, I met up with Shawn to swim together at the community center but the lanes were closed so we caucused for about an hour at his place before going back. It worked out and here is what I recollect from our time in the water:

  • 200 SKIPS warm up - 1000yds
  • 12 x 50 drills (side kicking only, hesitation pulls and skulling?)
  • 4 x 100 free on 2:00
  • 100 any cool down
It was good to have him there to critique my stroke a bit and learned that I need to keep my head down more and not put my hands into the water at an angle. I kept trying to remember that but I don't think I seemed to improve. (Who knew that I wasn't perfect?) The drills were good to do together for the 1st time so I know what is going on. The 100 repeats were friggin tough - my stomach started feeling acidic and my shoulders and back were getting tired. It was another great Bostad-style workout and boy do I feel worked!

Oh yeah, in the locker room after the workout I saw a naked homeless lady doing her laundry.

But of course if you followed me on Facebook and/or Twitter you'd know all of this already. I hate myself.

Other exciting news is that I got my Trigger Point kit - yay! I am going to roll out (think Ludacris) later on tonight so tomorrow I'll be Flexy MacArthur again.

More thoughts later on the fact that I may not be able to hold a job, relationship, training plan and social life at the same time for the next 6 months. But I have my health and a plate of nachos and an Apricot Ale in front of me while watching Lost, so all is good. (PS - did anyone else catch the Ann Arbor reference on this week's episode? Go Blue! And PPS Maritza your MOM is a whore so go suck it.)

Have a lovely, classy weekend.

(PPPS - Maritza you know I'm kidding but seriously...get with the program!)


jen said...

Wonderful post and a fun little glimpse into your mind. Me likey. See you tomorrow!

RunToFinish said...

good golly that was crazy.

what's this trigger point thing?

Denise said...


I'll have to ask my husband if he caught the AA reference. Too bad they lost yesterday (hockey).

Alisa said...

Wow! Naked homeless lady...I'd go to a new pool!

Marathon Maritza said...

Your mom goes to college!

(I hope you know that movie line, or else that just made no sense whatsoever.)


Ann Arbor is a whore.

Anonymous said...

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