Thursday, October 30, 2008

And the rain begins...

I was waiting for this...for the forecast to change for the worst and now it has happened! I did manage to get in another run in the good weather last night but from here on out it is going to be a wet season.

Wednesday run - 5.5 miles @ 8:27 pace

I meant to go 6, but I guess that didn't happen. The run felt okay, at times I looked down at my garmin to see my pace was over 9:00 which was disconcerting, but I guess I was actually going faster than that. Then I did yoga again at the gym, it was better than Monday's class (dif instructor), but still kind of whatever. Doing all of these warrior/chair poses while my quads are (still) sore is not my idea of fun, but I think overall it stretched me out.

And now I can say I've achieved my weekly goal of doing yoga twice! 100%! And I'm about halfway to my weekly goal of running 20 miles. Plans for this weekend include going on a hike near Mt Hood (unless it is absolutely pouring), doing some more running and some other fun stuff that isn't worth mentioning. Binge drinking is not a part of this weekend's plan, however.

I think I've done a pretty decent job in October. This was my first month getting back into the groove of working out and starting to eat well. I can't necessarily say I'm 10 pounds lighter or going to try out for the Olympics, but I do feel better in general. I'm sleeping better, not hung up about eating poorly and getting my muscles ready for some good action in 2009. I am going to 31 a week from today and really don't like feeling old around this time of year.

(Future thoughts to be documented at a later date: hiring a running coach and buying a 12'+ xmas tree.)


*aron* said...

last weekend it was in the 80's here and now its supposed to rain all weekend :( BOOO!

great job on your run and getting to yoga twice!

jen said...

Awesome week so far and yay for a good October. Glad to see your feeling better mentally as well as physically. And if you lost 10 lbs your organs would shut down so I wouldn't recommend it. :O

Yay rain! We have to embrace it or we're going to have a horrible winter. I say we get all galoshed up and go splash in puddles like little kids.

Oooh and you totally could rock the 20 ft tree! It'll be rockefeller center right here in portland! I'll help with the ice rink.

Alisa said...

Boo to the rain. I HATE IT! Brace yourself for not seeing the sun for 10 months or so. This is when I start going to visit family in CA a WHOLE lot.

What gym do you go to? If it's 24 hour maybe we could go together sometime. I (used to and would like to go back to) crazy weights in the morning on Tues/Thurs in the Pearl.