Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two For Tuesdee?

Above pictures of some racing goal I had in high school for my half mile. I think I beat both of these, but I could never break a damn 2:30 half...so disappointing.


Since last Tuesdeee these are the only runs I've done:

Last Wednesday: 7.46 miles @ 8:41 average pace
Sunday: 4 muscle tearing miles downhill @ who knows what pace
Monday: 3.92 miles @ 8:48 avg pace

My quads are still torn to PIECES - I can't believe this. I don't know how these trail runners do it. Speaking of which...I met a friend who is into trail running and started a group in the area. I'm on their email list but these people are ridicks. They're going like minimum 15 miles at least twice a week and this includes massive elevation. Imagine your the toughest hike you've gone on...now imagine running it. What is wrong with these people? Of course I am a whore and want to be just like them. First I need to build up my mileage then start doing squats so I don't look like a fool. We'll see if it ever pans out but wouldn't it be cool to be a trail runner? Not to actually do it, but to say that you do it and walk around all muddy, sweaty and hot-looking? I do!

Back to reality, after last night's simple run I went to my gym for a yoga session. It was definitely lacking in the spiritual side, which is totally fine, but I was hoping it'd be more intense physically. It was okay, but I think I'd rather bust my ass in a bikram class and walk out feeling like a raisin.

I was hoping that writing this would make me inspired to go running, but all I want to do is make dinner and watch MSNBC. I suck.

At least I am 1/5 of the way to my weekly running goal and 1/2 of the way to my weekly yoga goal.


Marathon Maritza said...

I haven't done shit except eat Snickers...is that good?

I miss Aroma cookies too!!!!

Sarah said...

What gym are you going to? If it's at 24 - then yes, lame old yoga. I say take on trail running and motivate me to do it too!

Alisa said...

I'd love to get in some trail runs. We should totally do a Portland Blogger meet up trail run.

Alisa said...

I saw your comment on Maritza's post...I too miss Zachery's!!!!! The BEST pizza EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (My hubby went to Berkley so I know quite a few of the Berk/Oak gems.) I *heart* CA.

Emily said...

MM - the only problem with your snickers is that they don't end in DOODLE!!!

Sarah - Yes, 24 hour...it is painful and not in a good way. I think I picked up cauliflower ear last night.

Sarah/Alisa - yes trail runs would be good...Forest Park has the Wildwood Trail that would be fun, at least for a starter trail. We should try to plan a weekend run + brunch fiesta sometime.

Alisa - ZACHARYS!!!!!! I even have the t-shirt. Did you know that they put in a Trader Joe's where the Albertson's used to be? And that Marathon Maritza assisted me in acquiring the letter "e" from Albertson's sign when they were taking it down. (Probably not.)

Sarah said...

I am in for the trail run adventure! You plan it - I'm in :)

P.O.M. said...

Yeah, I'm not into "regular" yoga. The intensity/challenge of Bikram is what I love!