Monday, October 06, 2008

Oh Crap

Here we go again! Inspired by a fantastic race yesterday I signed up today for next year's Portland marathon! 2009 baby! I know that Maritza and Jen are doing this too so I am really excited to have a crew to track training with.

I met up with Josh at miles 8, 10 (8 and 10 are the same place, after a turnaround), 13 and 21. He'd prepared 4 disposable bottles of HEED powder for me to hand to him at these spots and he says they were the trick in his not cramping up. I am amazed and so proud of how well he did, as I drove from mile 21 back to the finish I got all choked up, overcome with emotion. Totally cheeseball but that's what these things are all about. I found out later that he was doing the same thing after I left him at 21. (He doesn't know about or read this blog, so I'm not worried about embarrassing the poor guy now...)

I went for a quick run today but the damn Garmin failed me and batteries died right away. Not really sure how far I went but I think about 3.5 miles. The weather is just perfect right now for running....low 60s/high 50s and cool/fallish.

(Side note: I am not really in the market for a baby right now but I'd like to give him/her the middle name "Bacon", like Perry Bacon from the Washington Post. I absolutely needed to get that out there.)

For the legions of people who lay their eyes on this site - I must advertise that I get an awesome discount on Garmin products through my employer. Let me know if you're interested and I'll work it out for you! I've already done this for 2 friends and saved them good $$.



Marathon Maritza said...


(The "Bacon" sidenote cracked me up)

P.O.M. said...

I've never been an "emotional" person regarding running or while running or anythign running related. BUT this marathon had me choked up twice. Ok, not 'choked up' but full out balling. More dets in the report... coming soon.